Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Piece By Piece

Are we all incomplete, by design?
Employed by force
Expected to find
The matching pieces of the jigsaw puzzle
That add up and construct the “I”

A touch, a smile,
A tacit acknowledgment
An emotion deciphered without words
A sentence as complete as it is broken
A tear, half-welled from its inception
Shed by someone for a foreign pain

Each a small victory, each a small piece
Each peeling off
Layers to reveal a paragon

And so it happens one day
The picture is completed
With hands that helped
And chunks borrowed
From someone else

And whilst I know
That the lien will be up
And drifting winds
Will take the chunks away
To annul
Another imperfection

For a day,
I will be

P.S> Strange things have happened, and this would qualify as one of them. Thanks to suggested movie watching from Curbside Prophet, I watched the movie 'Before Sunrise' and was duly impressed and glad I saw it. Hours before that, I had written the above piece which fits in perfectly with the theme of the movie. For those who dream of the perfect day with the perfect person and live their imperfect lives in perfect anticipation of it, here's my tribute.


Pallavi said...

Loved the movie myself :)

Pallavi said...

Ahem and if you do not mind I am reccomending you to the blog day meme.. :) will be back to read your posts

Stone said...

Well, I believe, we are more "whole" when we lack something!

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Humour and last laugh said...

nice poem.

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Akruti said...

Oh god,these spammers found blogs as their adv hoardings.Parth,can we read something written by you in Hindi as well?? Just curious:)
I loved the lines in the second para, "an emotion deciphered without words" Good work:)

sd said...

Hey vey nice. I should say I am spellbound.

ragini said...

Now u must watch Before sunset. And you will love it as well. :)

And what a beautiful poem !

RS said...

A very nice poem - abstract but evocative...just like the movie itself - it glides by without defining events or concluding that they should be together or break away...

OMG said...

Awesome piece of work. My writing professor would love to make you a poster boy for her class!

Jayesh said...

Excellent piece of writing. Crisply insightful.