Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its just not cricket

Its just not cricket when ....
.... the greatest batsman the world has ever known passes a landmark that trivialised every other thing he did. It is a challenge, a bottleneck, a millstone around the neck, an increment of a number that takes a year to happen, a throne that was so close to touch but difficult to get on. Its not cricket when his true fans in the far corners of the world run down the staircase in the morning, having dreamt of seeing a number greater than 100 against his name, and have their wish comes true. Sachin, blaze away. That's a flame's destiny. The last hurrah isn't named in vain. With apologies to Douglas Adams, the meaning of life is not 42. It is 35.

Its just not cricket when ....
.... the most successful captain of an Indian team is treated with such ruthlessness that he earns the sympathies of even his opponents. Ganguly may have had his problems, he may have outlived his stay as a batsman, he may be anachronistic in the current scheme of things. But this is no way to dump him. After having performed reasonably in the two innings of the Delhi test, he was dropped by the selectors. For all the times that I believe he may have been supported unduly, this is the one time my support is with him. Legends deserve better exits. They should bow out, not be bowed out. The selectors reaffirmed their ability to make wrong decisions on the fateful day by making another one. They picked Wasim Jaffer.

Its just not cricket when ....
.... a player of limited abilities (yes, that’s me) leads his team to a first ever league victory in years of playing. It is a dream come true for all those who have pursued and failed. Those who came close (yes, me again, on a few occasions, with the select faithfuls) and strived. Those who struggled their way from one close match to another in this league (yes, that’s my team), from one controversy to another (match suspensions, pitch invasions, you name it), from one great performance to another. We won. It has sunk in, and it feels great. Its just not cricket when a left-handed opening batsman leads his team to victory (yup, that’s me in case you didn’t get it). It is a warning, that he is close to getting dropped :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hawa Hawaii

Sorry for the long break in posts. I was in Maui, the second largest island on Hawaii, during the Thanksgiving break. I think the slowing down of pace that the place infected me with carried on when I came back as well. Here's a small sample of the beauty I came across.

Wayside Panorama Posted by Picasa

Wailea Beach Posted by Picasa

Ho'okipa Beach (One of the best in the world for surfing) Posted by Picasa

More of the big waves Posted by Picasa

Keane Peninsula Posted by Picasa

I caught that guy in the middle of the dive! Posted by Picasa

Can't-recall-name Waterfall Posted by Picasa

Seven Sacred Pools Posted by Picasa

Sun peeking through at sunset Posted by Picasa

Sun peeking through in the morning Posted by Picasa

Back to sunset again Posted by Picasa

Haleakala Crater (Dormant volcano) Posted by Picasa

Awesome texture Posted by Picasa

Block long banyan tree Posted by Picasa

Black Sand Beach Posted by Picasa

Need I say anything? Posted by Picasa

Authentic Hawaii Chappals! Posted by Picasa