Friday, March 10, 2006


I'll start with due apologies to my fellow blogger Extempore. The past couple of weeks have been pretty tiring and I guess the lack of smartness shows. The post is just an extem-pouring of things. I have a couple of good ideas lined up for later. Till then, make do with the this mishmash of thoughts. The better part of this week was spent in preparing for a presentation. Was a fifty fifty deal. The last occasion I had of presenting to the entire team, timing the talk was important and doing a dry run helped a lot. This time, the challenge was to communicate a lot of complexity with a lot of simplicity. I thought I could have done better. Perhaps it is a harsh judgement.

It rained pellets of ice over here today. Hail the size of small pebbles. Luckily my car was underground. Two days back, the wind was so severe that the trash can was flown away to the centre of the street. An entire can, of some substantial weight. The cover of the can of course deposited itself in a pond somewhere from which it had to be fished out. What’s with the vagaries of nature? It is March. Time for spring to arrive. Give me a peaceful break man.

Car travel in the US robs us off a great chance. To observe. Know your city. Know the shop around the corner. The odd sign hanging on the store on the street. The interesting characters that frequent the roads. India was a boon. Walk and observe (not the kind that gets Blog-A-Thonians angry :-)), and simply grasp. Imbibe. It has no purpose and yet it does. You could close your eyes and walk on the broken boulevard of dreams (this time with due apologies to Green Day and Bombay Municipal Corporation).

I was part of a conversation today about marathon running. 26 miles of it. At one shot. And running for better timing. Hats of to those who do. A mile is a long enough distance for me. Running ain’t my thing unless its 22 yards one way. The runner was goading a friend to join along. She mentioned the time it would need to train. Brief little part of your life. Seven months.

I saw three varying movies recently: 15 Park Avenue, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara and Water. All three are above average, mainly because of the story line being different. And somehow, in the different story lines, you’ll miss all the flaws (and there are plenty in all three). We are going the Hollywood way. Movies filled with harrowing experiences (Schindler’s List anyone?) or depressing characters.

The train of thoughts is trailing off. Here are a couple of lines from Hazrat Mishri Shah’s ‘Pritam Mat Pardes Sidhaaro’ to end the post (on Abida’s album Mere Dil Se):
‘nadi kinaare dhuaan uthe , main jaanu kuch hoye,
jis kaaran main jogan bani, kahin wahin na jalta hoye’


RTD2 said...

I'll respond to one of your points. I agree about the car travel part. That's why I let others drive my new car and make it seem like I'm doing them a favor ;) Actually, it gives me a chance to observe, imbibe and all the rest of it! My only good memories of a city always involve walking around in it. My worst ones - driving in it!

sd said...

I agree that car travel does not give a lot of opportunities for observing munte details. On the other hand for lazy souls like me, going for long drives on nice sunny days is a great source of recreation...