Thursday, August 10, 2006


The second cube of ice clinked in the glass
As the host returned to his chair with a smile
"Where were we?", his friend inquired,
"Suzy", the host added, with a glint in his eye

"Aah Suzy", said the friend, returning his smile
The story started, more cobwebs cleared
He squinted the eyes of his mind
Trying to remember, Suzy's slaying smile

And it slew them both in its deadly wake
Fierce jealousy arose amidst tender crush
As friends in life became enemies in love
Alas the contingencies of reckless fate

The memories laughed as two friends reminisced
Their misbehaved proposals, Suzy's dignified rejection
As they relived the bitter sweet follies of youth
From their present joined a single word: "Cheers!"


Geetanjali said...

Nothing like that walk down nostalgia lane, is there?

sd said...

As Geetanjali says...nothing like nostalgia......especially if its about Suzy:)

30in2005 said...

This is a post or two late to comment Parth but first, Happy blogbirdy! May your 2 years turn into many more - your writing is a pleasure to read.

Second, you theorum about Indians planning to go back is something I read and re-read when I have the chance - it is the one of the best, most logical posts with a different reality for each abroad desi who reads it.

And thirdly, the ban on dal isn't occuring in the UK for some reason. Dal is available everywhere these days including big supermarkets so we don't even need to go to the Indian stores for it. The quota system will be over soon Gabbar!

RS said...

Interesting vignette. I imagined two men smoking and discussing this over drinks...nice.

Parth said...

@Geetanjali, SD: Ya, nothing like it. Its fairly easy to write about it too :-) Perhaps I should go find a new theme.

@30in2005: Thanks for the wishes. Thanks also for the kind words on the theorem. I never thought it would have any impact when I wrote it :-)

Parth said...

@RS: Just saw your comment after I posted mine. Thank you for seing that vision. That is EXACTLY what I was aiming for.

Niranjan said...

"squinted the eyes of his mind, trying to remember".. one couldn't have phrased it better!