Sunday, December 03, 2006


Come, sit with me:
See the snow skate down
The trees, and the rooftops.
Secrets hidden behind a veil of white.

Come, listen to me:
Forget that you know what lies beneath.
Forget that life has no treasures.
Forget that truth is cynical.

Come, watch with me:
The suspense lifting off that heavy leaf,
Like wide-eyed kids with expectant faces,
Snow unwrapping a gift for you


Vi said...

And what happens when the snow turns into a slushy slop edged colored with brown dirt and footprints?

Parth said...

Then the poetic vision turns prosaic :-)

shreya said...

lovely! i have missed you!

i love the way you are so loyal to structure...

Parth said...

Thanks Shreya :-) About maintaining structure: I don't know how people react to poets not sticking with rhyming. I find it much easier to write free flowing poetry without being bounded by the shackles of rhyming. Maintaining an overall structure is very natural in my style of writing. Glad it agrees with people's sensibilities