Friday, January 22, 2016

A Love Unexpressed

And there she was, that pristine beauty
Hair tied back, parted in the middle,
Tamed to be in perfect shape
Wearing a black dress, on fair white skin
Revealing two inches, below the knee

She sat, bag in the lap, hands on the bag
Gazing out from her window seat
Waiting patiently for the ride to begin

He raced in, heart beating wildly aflutter
Adrenalin pumping, throat dry
Nervous to claim his prize for the day
Few moments alone with the girl he dreamt of
So what if she never did see him in her dreams

"Hi!", he would say, rushing to her
Settling into the adjacent seat
"Traffic, homework, exams", wondering
With what banality should he begin
To fill words in the empty space between

The words would flow and the bus would lurch
As they would pass the market, the theater, the church
His eyes were transfixed on her perfect face
Those lips he wished he got to kiss
That cheek he wished to stroke gently
That waist he wished he slid his hands through

And yet the wishes of his heart
Found no voice and got no transport
So, they sat, shoulder brushing against shoulder
Legs gently touching each other
Smiling, talking, enthralling each other

And he, knowing that the time had come
For the day’s joy to come to an end
Held her hand gently and in a falsetto voice
Commented with genuine admiration
“Nice bangles”
And shyly, she disembarked,
Stirred, but not convinced

And the bus went on
Carrying in its metal hide
A story of love

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