Friday, April 25, 2014

A Morning Song

I heard the morning song;
Stiff notes stretching
Their sinuous arms

Dawn races those
Who are racing it 
To beat it to coffee

Critters, birds sing hymns
Light filters through
"Aarush" carries 
The blessing of "Ushas"

Aarush - first ray of the sun
Ushas - Hindu deity of the morning, dawn

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Flight Of The Monarch Butterflies

Taking a break from writing short stories to publish a poem in this month's Spark magazine. The theme for the month was 'Journeys' and the poem draws upon the journey of a monarch butterfly, a creature that has always fascinated me, and its contrast with that of humans. Read on.

The Flight Of The Monarch Butterflies

Each year it happens this way
Each year those million monarchs
Are born, sprout wings, and fly off
To a warm place, a continent away

Something living goes there, puts down its luggage
Collapses on the bed, kicks off its shoes
Orders room service, hatches some progenies
And then without apology, promptly dies

A life with no correction,
No retraction, no redemption
No reset, no egress
No nostalgia, no regrets

We too could be monarchs
We too could journey with no return
Never turn to wonder at ‘what if’
Never have a chance to go back

And yet, nature’s scripts for us differ
Not for us the singular sense of purpose
Our journeys are bound to a leash
Our future tied to the past

Fly, O Monarch, fly to your tenacious end
We fly forward only to look back
We travel in circles, in our hearts
Our beginnings married to our end