Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Indian Immigrant's Penance

My latest publication on this fine site for poetry - Every Day Poets. This is the second time I have gotten my work published there, this time over a gap of two years, as is evident from my bio that did not get updated in time :) Read on. 

Monday, May 05, 2014

A Mumbai Reprise

Mumbai. My muse. My city. My home, always. Mumbai, where I come from.

Enjoy my latest publication, which is an ode to the maximum city

Mumbai Reprise

Where I come from
Street after street
Stands silent witness
To the constant triumph
Of Darwinian principles

Where I come from
Dreams burn in a cauldron
And the ashes disperse
In the waiting arms
Of a moonlit sea

Where I come from
The greatest steal
Is a few feet of space
The greatest prize
A few quarantined thoughts

Where I come from
There’s beauty still
And a pulse that never
Subsides, late into the
Smoggy arms of night

Where I come from
Your constant companions
Amidst the teeming hordes
Are an ascending emptiness
And a clandestine pain

Where I come from
(sigh) Where I came from
I wander still, in my dreams
A city of penitent angels
A city of cavalier djinns