Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Birth of a poem

That fleeting thought, that ephemeral brainwave,
is all it takes to spur a revolt,
in the ever so dormant psyche.
That out-of-reach pen,
those never to be found blank sheets,
that increasing race against time,
to retain that moment of inspiration,
that has run dry for the savant.
Oh-so-perfunctory in his thought process,
so sectarian in his view of things,
leads a new genesis of life,
with a cursory attack of delirium,
like an evanescent lightning strike,
empties the ink onto the paper,
then treats his work like an after-thought,
like the message in a bottle,
left to wobble in the sea

P.S. I have been diagnosed with writer's block. This has happened before. Circa 1999. I wrote the above lines seeking that inspiration, struggling for it and finding it all along the way. I am hoping for a repeat. Pray for an encore.


aparna said...

wow! will definitely pray for one! :-)

phucker said...

No need to pray. I have a feeling your Block is simply a "lull, before the storm". Anxiously awaiting the storm when it comes, "like the first drops of monsoon on parched Delhi streets...."

Geetanjali said...

Oh haven't dropped by in ages - have been very tardy in browsing! Loads of catching up to do - just cracked up reading the post abt men, L'oreal et al :-)

And don't thee worry the verbal constipation shall clear up to allow a more verbose Parth to appear! :-)

Meenal Mehta said...

i would say i see an encore already ..its always "dark before the light" good to be hit by a bloc k somtimes i think

Sarita said...

that was beautiful :-)

sd said...

Hey that was nice... and I believe in the first two lines very much...."That fleeting thought, that ephemeral brainwave,
is all it takes to spur a revolt"...

sagar said...


Nice one.
Did you visit my blog recently? :)


Jayesh said...

Hey .. great verse... hope u come out of the block...

Carol Glaeser said...

Super work performed.