Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hawa Hawaii

Sorry for the long break in posts. I was in Maui, the second largest island on Hawaii, during the Thanksgiving break. I think the slowing down of pace that the place infected me with carried on when I came back as well. Here's a small sample of the beauty I came across.

Wayside Panorama Posted by Picasa

Wailea Beach Posted by Picasa

Ho'okipa Beach (One of the best in the world for surfing) Posted by Picasa

More of the big waves Posted by Picasa

Keane Peninsula Posted by Picasa

I caught that guy in the middle of the dive! Posted by Picasa

Can't-recall-name Waterfall Posted by Picasa

Seven Sacred Pools Posted by Picasa

Sun peeking through at sunset Posted by Picasa

Sun peeking through in the morning Posted by Picasa

Back to sunset again Posted by Picasa

Haleakala Crater (Dormant volcano) Posted by Picasa

Awesome texture Posted by Picasa

Block long banyan tree Posted by Picasa

Black Sand Beach Posted by Picasa

Need I say anything? Posted by Picasa

Authentic Hawaii Chappals! Posted by Picasa


Just Mohit said...

Awesome photos Parth...can only say i'm jealous as hell!

aparna said...

lovely pics! i love the sun peeking throught the clouds pictures! :-)

sd said...

Cool! Those are amazing pics.

TTG said...

green...with envy...must change back to normal colour....aaaagghhhhh!

:-) Beautiful pics!

Q: Was this yer first trip to Hawaii?

Graffiti Speak said...

Wow those pics are so marvellous and professionally taken...I was in Honolulu (Oahu) for 2 months (May-June) on a project...It was an experience of a lifetime...made me to decide to settle there someday! It is completely divine...

Extempore said...

OMG!! I always thought shots like that sunset and sunrise(?) and for that matter, all the rest, were CGI!!

I loved the panoramas! To quote you, excellent, excellent stuff! Pls put up experiences of the trip as well, no?

Parth said...

Thanks guys. Seems like the sneaky sun wins the photo contest :-) TTG, this was my first trip to Hawaii. I think there are more to follow :-) Extempore, the laziness has taken the wind out of my efforts :-) Pictures will have to suffice. Good to hear nice words from more accomplished photographers than I.

Stone said...

beautiful place!!!
Btw, I came here expecting a post on Sachin's 35th hundred :-)

Niranjan said...

Well captured! liked the rays through the clouds and Hoopika beach snaps in particular.

terah745 said...

Lucky you.

Always were?

Seems possible.

What photographs.

Caught nature.

Enjoying and flirting.

Lucky you.


Hate you.


Geetanjali said...

So are you wearing those chappals? ;-)

Archana said...

Pictures look awesome Parth! Specially some of them.....they look so FRESH! Always thought Hawaii's invaded by tourists but these speak a lot!

Nachowski said...

Fantastic photos, especially the panaromic ones. Did you stitch the photos together or did your camera do it for you?