Thursday, December 21, 2006

Deathly Halo?

Today morning, I woke up to an extremely important piece of news. The title of the seventh and final Harry Potter novel has been announced as 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. That is bloody brilliant, as Ron might exclaim, but I do have some questions and comments on the same.

1. Harry must die?
The title is sinister. Is that a setup for Harry Potter to die? I think not. Keeping up with her tradition of bumping off characters in the past few books, I think she'd need book 8 to do so. Reason: people being killed are getting closer layer by layer to Harry. However, Harry's inner circle is Ron and Hermoine and neither of them have been bumped off. By Hindi movie logic, I'd have to bump either of them before bumping off Harry.

2. No change in title?
You mean, the title doesn't change in the US? No hyphenations and word-susbtitutions? Didn't they misspell Halo? They are going to regret this.

3. Horror-cruxed
I have lost count. How many did he have? How many did he need? Is one within Harry? Is that the key to the series? It reminds me of air hockey games. Whoever gets to seven wins first.

4. Hogwash
No school this year for Harry. I bet all that he did in six was to make sure he didn't have to go back to school to slog it out. I mean, I understand. We all remember our twelth exams, don't we?

5. Main tera unicorn juice pee jaoonga
What Harry needs is a little bit of Dharam Paaji! I see him straining his sinews and simmering in anger when everyone around him drops dead, presumably because of him. But he ain't intimidating Voldermort that way. Maybe even Sunny's roar will work better than the Patronus charm when it comes to Dementors.

6. Return of the he-who-must-not-be-named
I am not talking about Voldermort (don't gasp). I am talking of the character who had a mysterious demise at the end of the sixth book. For fear of spoiling anyone's suspense, I shall not reveal the name of that character. Needless to say, he will rise from the ashes.

7. Let me tell you how the book ends
It ends with the word "car". I think. I remember reading it somewhere. Or did one crazy fan tell me? Experts, tell me. Oh, and yes, Voldermort will be dead. Rowling will be filthy rich and will buy Tunisia or Manchester United, whichever is on a deal. She won't write anything for the next few years. Her next book will be about Muggles and will have wizards who don't know of their existence.

Your thoughts requested. By comments on the blog. Don't howler with an owl-er.


Vi said...

I'm not sure if there is going to be an 8th book. Hogwarts is a seven-year school, and Rowling has already stated that there are no 'colleges' for wizards.

In the last book it stated that there are six horocruxes. If Tom's Riddle counts as one, and he destroyed another, I'd assume he has four more to go.

He'll be 17 this year, meaning a full wizard. He still has one more year. He has to get his license to Apparate, remember? I think the school will reopen, much of the central plot is lost if it doesn't. But will Harry be in it? That's another question.

And I really hope he-who-must-not-be-named (Not Voldemort) will come back.

And I wonder who the new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher will be...

Avinash said...

The 7th book ends with the word scar.
And I do hope Harry dies if for no other reason than to kill any chance of Jo being tempted to continue at a later date.
Also my personal thinking is that Voldemort will not 'die' in the usual sense of the term. He knows that atleast one of his horcruxes is gone and theres nothing to stop him from making more to replace the gone ones. Plus, remember what Dumbledore said in book 5 to him: "We both know that there are other ways of destroying a man Tom. Merely taking your life would not satisfy me."
As for the he-who-must-not-be-named returning back, I dont think thats gonna happen. Obi-Wan did not come back for Luke, Gandalf did not come back for Frodo (he was unaware of Gandalf's return until after the ring was destroyed) and the he-who-must-not-be-named isn't coming back for You-Know-Who.
And even though Harry talked about not coming back to school, and he and R and H may not, the school will still feature prominently in Book 7. Remember Voldemorts fascination with the school highlighted in HBP.
But parth, I am really surprised that u did not raise the one important question about book 7...What abt Severus Snape? More that the he-who-must-not-be-named in your post, i think Snape is gonna be the central character in Book 7 where it will be revealed that he secretly loved Lily and thats why he repented and turned spy against Voldemort.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you this. I once read a wrong harry potter book. meaning I read an internet underground copy of an unreleased book, some 250 pages of it. When i bought the book finally, I realized , some one had out up 250 pages of crap on the internet spinning their own HP tale!

Avinash said...

An interesting follow up to the release of the name of Book 7. In Book 5 when Harry and his friends are trapped in the hall of prophecies by the death eaters and some of the prophecies are smashed by mistake, fragments of the prophecies could be heard. Two snippets in the book were, " the solstice will come a new..." and "...and none will come after...". And on the day of the winter solstice, Jo revealed the name of the last and final HP book. :-)

RTD2 said...

Here's my prophecy - Harry will kill Voldemort by sacrificing his own life (because he's the last horcrux) and then he'll join he-who-you-insist-on-not-naming in the "Deathly Hallows" (the place behind the veil in the Dept of Mysteries). This takes care of Avinash's dire warnings - Gandalf meets Frodo after the deed is done doesn't he?
Btw Avinash - I don't quite dig your Snape-loves-Lily theory...and this despite looking to you as possibly one of the most dedicated Potter fans I've come across! Guess we'll have to wait till 07/07/07?? That last observation about the solstice - bloody brilliant!

sd said...

Happy New Year Buddy.

Avinash said...

I think if Harry is a horcrux he would know, but i still stand by my Snape loved Lily theory. No other explanation for Snape's sudden change of heart unless of course he lied to Dumbledore. And I think ur guess that the place behind the veil is the Deathly Hallows is spot-on. I am kicking myself that it didnt occur to me.

Anocturne said...

methinks you could wring a veritable flood from a dishcloth, all ye potter fans.

Parth, you've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! So good to see people get into the potter-magic mood! My vote is for death of evil - he-who-shall-not-be-named shall die and then we can all call him by his name, since he is anyway dead :)

Allegra said...

I think the same as Daniel Radcliffe, the thing is that Harry Potter has to die!! of curse to finish the story. And Voldemort(yes I call him bye his name) also has to die because the situation. But Harry wouldn´t die, we can return him to life reading the books like me, is the nineth time I read them. Loves.