Friday, May 11, 2007


Rarely did he attend parties
Rarely did he speak with strangers
Rarely did he meet one he liked
Rarely did beauty affect him so
Rarely did he extend his hand
Rarely did he have a number written on it
Rarely did he walk with a spring in his step
Rarely did he not hide his smile
Rarely did he slip on the road
Rarely did his palms get wiped clean
Rarely did his luck favor him


RTD2 said...

Ohhh! Wow..
Rarely do I say this nowadays, but you have got such a gift!

Parth said...

@RTD2: Rarely do I get to hear that from you, so here's the rare thanks :-)

Abhishek Dhasmana said...


Here is alternate happy ending :)

Rarely did he smile on missed opportunities
Rarely did he sing when the Universe conspired
Rarely did he get a ride offered by a stranger
Surely he found his destiny again!

Stone said...

autobiographical? :-)

Parth said...

@Abhishek: That's an interesting alternate ending. Very optimistic :-)

@Stone: No :-)

The Pilgrim said...

Wow! Thats a nice one

Rarely does Parth disappoint
Rarely does his poems are bad.
Rarely does he not write from the heart
Rarely do I stop to think, Is this Parth's life!

Parth said...

@Pilgrim: Thanks for the poetic compliment :-) While its not autobiographical, it seems like a bitter-sweet story that people wouldn't mind encountering, judged on the response.

Kappa said...

Rarely, did he understand the meaning of high frequency

nice one

Nocturne said...

*aaaaaaaaaa* i've cracked under the strain of all those rarelies.

Parth said...

@Kappa : Thanks :-)

@Nocturne: Rare occurence, this cracking of yours? :-)

Nocturne said...

but a nice sentiment, P. one more poem, and we'll think you're in love. :)

Parth said...

@Nocturne: :-) Maybe a depressing dark poem should settle matters. Actually that won't happen next, because a short story has been forming in my mind (actually I only the first two lines, but I am hoping the rest will also flow through when I start typing).

Jyothsna said...

Rarely am I disappointed when I stop by :)

Wannabe Mom said...

rarely does he get burnt

Parth said...

@Jyothsna, Wannabe Mom: Thanks :-)

januM said...

simply superb! :)

Parth said...

@Janum: Thanks :-)

Lotus Reads said...

Parth, you really do have a way with words..I am so enjoying your clever verses, thanks so much for sharing!