Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mach 100?

Seattle to Mumbai
In two seconds flat.
I land smoothly
As skin grazes plastic.

P.S> I recently acquired a globe that sits atop my desk in my arm's reach. Geography questions anyone? Oh, and the title is not meant to be accurate; before I get riled for bad aerospace engineering skill :-)


Radha said...

So whats the capital of swaziland? :)

Lovely simple verse!

Parth said...

Its Mbabane :-)

Vi said...

Five obscure island-countries.

Parth said...

@Vi: Just a tad late. I am home from work and now there's a long weekend from tomorrow. I'll check the globe on Monday and give you your answers

Anonymous said...

And i was about to think you booked a ticket online:D!


Pallavi said...

good you gave the explanation. i was thinking that you acquired super powers..:).

Parth said...

@Sparsh: Its an interesting interpretation :-)

@Pallavi: Don't we wish that were possible? Though I think there may be other superpowers that may be more interesting. Do you follow the series 'Heroes'?

Extempore said...

And there I thought, after reading the poem only, that you were in good old Bombay! :-)

der Bergwind said...

nice one!! among all the complicated thoughts/words/emotions/gyan/understandings et all... its ust a simple perimeter breach n skin against plastic :)
move at the speed of thought :)
life has also become plastic - so the familiar touch n warmth seems quite costly..
return to innocence @ mach 100 - who cares abt aero' engg n all... ignorance is bliss anyway! nice thought :)

Pallavi said...

yes i do wish some superpowers...but it includes reaching a place like u described.:grin:. no i dont follow heroes but have heard about it thru frnds..

Parth said...

@Extempore: That's the lead up to the next post :-)

@Der Bergwind: The thin perimeters that seperate wide worlds!

@Pallavi: Of course, you are right. We don't have to limit ourselves to only one superpower :-)

@Vi: Sorry. I haven't gotten around answering your question. My next post would hopefully answer why.

Vi said...

It's quite alright. :)