Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Interview

He treads intrepidly
Through the claustrophobic
Passages of memory.
Failure closes in
Garbed as questions;
Attempted yet Unanswered,
Much like life’s mysteries.
A circular linked list,
A binary search,
Oh, and your toughest challenge please.
He swats them aside; these thoughts
Straightens his tie
And walks right in
“Good morning”, indeed.


OMG said...

More lack of inspiration than fickle I like to think :) I've messed up my template settings and lost the blog roll...trying to fix it back...

I can see you still havent lost your touch :) Lovely read as always!

Parth said...

@OMG: Thanks :-) That's kind of you to say that, given the multiple writer's blocks I have suffered in the interim

Niranjan said...

Well captured - that moment prior to an interview or a test - the quick memory scan, the fleeting self-doubt, and then it's on!

shreya said...

ooohh- i love it! i do!


Parth said...

@Niranjan: Remember the vivas in SPCE? :-)

@Shreya: Thank you :-)