Friday, November 21, 2008

De Mentor is here

This is De Mentor, the French reply to the British cultural offensive, or offensive cultural offense, or their 'offend culture' offensive .... never mind ... Britain's attack on French sensibilities, Harry Potter!!! I am here to teach you all the real meaning of Harry Potter, the real origin, the real story!!

Come hither, my pupils, iris, retina, cornea ... and the rest of you ... I shall teach you Hogwarts is nothing but Hogwash!!!! Harry Potter is not British. He is Indian. Harry Potter is the Anglicized version of Hari Kumbhar, the poor uneducated soul, whose ancestors were exiled to Elba coz they too were Able, along with Napoleon. A century or two later, his poor four fathers, with their poor English, read the wrong ship name and got on to the Yeast India Company ship!! The ship developed a lick(or was it a wine slick), and they had to stick their heads into the holes to keep the ship afloat. His four fathers' two sons floated ashore to the Middle East, chopped off the heads of their ancestors, and opened the Madame Tu Saudi's wax museum in their memory. ...... that's enough for the preview for ye, my pupils, eyelids, eyebrows and teardrops!! More to follow in the 'Sachai - The truth, by De Mentor'

P.S> Random blast from the past. There was another group blog I was contributing to where the rest of the posts were more ridiculous than this. Brain's not working much today, hence the recycle.


Anonymous said...

*tilts head* I'll wait for the return of our usual Parth :)

(At least you didn't name him Hari Puttar.)

Ishrath said...

hey, sorry. just got news of another series of blasts, worse than the last. am sorry... hoping that you and yours are alright, in a world gone mad.

Parth said...

@Anox: Yes, in due course of time. I was reflecting on the value of humor after the grim turn of events yesterday in my own Mumbai.

@Ishrath: Thanks for the concern. Folks I know are alright, but my city isn't. That hurts.

Sparsh said...

Hope your family is safe in Mumbai.

Ishrath said...

it hurts me too, for all it's worth.

being from Hyderabad, it is all the more appalling that these nutsos are calling themselves the "deccan" mujahideen.

shreya said...

Glad to hear that all your are okay.

Am so sad about our city. How could they do this to Bombay?

Parth said...

@Shreya: Its just so surreal and depressing. It has been days and the dullness of spirit persists.