Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Dilemma of the IBCP (Indian Born Confused Parent)

My article, published in this month's issue of the Spark magazine. Their theme for the month was 'India Decoded'. I touch upon the phenomenon of the IBCP (Indian born confused parent), given I get to see a few of them in my current way of life, and it is a growing tribe :) Read on.


Shachi said...

Loved reading this....did not hear the acronym before but its apt :). I can totally relate as I have a 2-year old and another one due in a's going to be an interesting parenting journey in this country for sure....just today I was discussing spanking and its repercussions with my parents; we disagree on much more but I'm glad there is still harmony in the household ;)

Parth said...

@Shachi: Thanks so much for stopping by. I coined the acronym when looking for a four letter counter to ABCD. Unless someone else thought of the same, this would be its first usage.

Best wishes with the upcoming arrival. Me and my wife recently entered the two kid club - our younger one is three months old, so we are completely immersed in this world of parenting.

Do keep stopping by, and I am glad you enjoyed the article.