Friday, July 05, 2013

A Chain Of Miseries

Sharing my publication from this month's issue of the Spark magazine. Their theme for the month was 'We, the people'. I have explored the slightly darker side of human kind - the feeling of incompleteness and misery that we all suffer from. Read on.


Pallavi said...

This is really poignant, Parth. Good work. I was recently discussing this "incompleteness" theme of human beings to some people through Coetzee's quote on unfinishedness of human evolution.

Parth said...

@Pallavi: I am glad that the poem resonated with you. I like the word 'unfinishedness'. In a sense, whether it is ambition or misery, we are driven forth by that feeling as a species.

Pallavi said...

Our sense of not being at home in the world, results from a certain unfinishedness in human evolution.To escape this melancholy condition, some try to adapt to their environment. Others prefer not to adapt. The unadapted may look from the outside like nature's reject. ~ Coetzee