Tuesday, November 05, 2013

For Whom The Cell Tolls

Pleased to share my latest publication in the Spark magazine. Their topic for the month was 'Going Mobile' - a look at the various ways in which the ubiquity of cell phones in our lives affects our choices and relationships. I have written a set of haikus to reflect that. Read on.


For Whom The Cell Tolls

An invalid man
Forever bed-ridden, talks
On his mobile phone

A face beams at mephone-world
Smiling, I pick up the phone
“Hi!” an angry voice

A flight touches down
People wake up with glee the
Phones they put to sleep

Sword ready to strike
Tense wait while the screen turns red
A loud cell phone ring

Girl gives boy her love
Girl gives him vivid photo
Permanent regret

I sNt u a msg
I knw Dat u wud luv it
Nly If u NdRstud it

She loved a good drive
She loved a good drive with gin
Knocked them down like pins

Pigs knocked off by birds
Level cleared. Pumped fist. “Hurray”
Baby cries alone


theMJ-92 said...

like this

Parth said...

@theMJ-92: Thanks much!