Thursday, December 16, 2004

Able was I ere I sawed my Elbow

End of a tough day at work. I thought I'd spend some time sampling the songs of Kisna and Shabd that have just come out. This year has seen the comeback of the qawwali. First came 'Tumse Milke Dil' from Main Hoon Na, which rocked, then came 'Aaya tere dar par' in Veer-Zaara which was more along the lines of traditional lines and now comes 'Chilman' from Kisna, an Ismail Darbar composition. I loved Darbar's compositions in Devdas even though the music wasn't as big a hit as expected, and given his track record, it seems like he needs a musically inclined director (yes, Ghai qualifies as one) to extract good work from him. I love qawwalis. 'Na to qarwaan ki talaash hai' is the all time best qawwali in Hindi movies according to me. It has never been bettered and never will be. If you haven't heard it yet, please do so. The movies is 'Barsaat Ki Raat' and the music is by none other than the great Roshan (yes, Hrithik's grand-dad). Rafi is the king all the way in the song, and I can't ever get over the fact that Bharat Bhushan got to enact this and many more of Rafi's great works!!!

Feels good to write something after a while. The break from blog was influenced by a few factors
1. We lost the match badly. Juvenile at 26? Perhaps so, but I felt depressed due to that. We just started on the wrong foot, and it ended horribly for us.
2. The adrenalin to blog regularly was missing
3. I wanted to get on top of my work before I leave this Saturday on a trip to San Diego (to meet Sachin), Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
4. I am short on ideas to write about. That sinking feeling, when contrasted with the pleasure derived from reading Caferati (thanks Geetanjali for writing about it on your blog) just compelled me to stay away for a while. I sawed my right elbow for a while, have attached it again

I started watching 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' last night. I am attuned to a Charlie Kaufman script, so it didn't throw me completely off guard. The only surprise was seeing Jim Carrey in such a role. I also managed to catch 'Ocean's Twelve' last week, and it was strictly ok. I think the director played it smart. The doses of self-deprecating humour also helped.

I'll be missing the first day first show of 'Swades' (no SRK bashing: just repeating for those who don't already know), but I am assuming the thrill of Seaworld, casinos in Vegas and seeing Univeral studios might more than make up for it.

I do regret having missed Sachin's century (no SRT bashing too please) even though it was made against Bangladesh. If he decides to relent in the next match, he might make century no. 35 and his 10,000th run against Pakistan next year, and I'll make sure I'll catch it.

BTW, what's with all the cell phone misuse in India? First the DPS clip and now the Kareena affair. 1.5 world country, Tarun? :-)


phucker said...

LOL, I don't know what to say, Parth! I guess it's the cliched saying - "India straddles the past, present and future, all at the same instant". :-) I hope to be booking Swades for this Sunday...I shall restrain myself from SRK-Bashing, but will advertise the fact that I am watching the movie in spite of him :-p Ashutosh Gowarikar got us as far as the Oscars with his first a I mean... different lead actor...:-p. PLus I am a HUGE fan of Rahman's music. Yes, he's created some not-so-good stuff in recent times, and even the past, the lyrics of some his composition (that he is not responsible for, BTW) leave something to be desired - "Telephone Dhun Mein Hasne Waali"?? "Strawberry jaisi aankhen"?!?@?!?@!
Anyhoo, I like Rahman - and I was about to correct you and say that I thought Kisna's music was done by Rahman, until I found out that it's a collaboration. You won't find me doing any SRT-bashing - at least not cricket-related - I thought that whole Ferrari episode was poorly handled. I felt he should have paid up the duty on his car. It's not like he can't afford it. It would have been different if he was a 'struggling' sports star who'd just got the limelight. But that wasn't the case. Anyway, I blame the media for hyping up Tendulkar rather than Tendulkar himself. Tendulkar is, without question, the greatest batsman of current times, but he's also human. So occasionally, we should cut the man some slack!

Stone said...

Me too dying to catch Swades, dude, music is mindblowing it simply grows on you, more u hear it more u love it.
And Sachin is my God too :-)

Akruti said...

Yes, the qawwali from Barsaat Ki raat is one of the wonderful compositions and sung by Rafi.
Have a great trip and have loads of fun

Sukanya M said...

You are absolutely right about "Naa to carvan ki talaash hai"...but I thing the main singer in this was Manna dey...he was GREAT! And I heard in an interview that they recorded the song in one take after practising all night. Jee chahta hai choom lu apni nazar ko main from the same film is good too.

And about Bharat Bhushan...I guess its destiny. otherwise why in the world would anyone choose that that wooden wonder to sing "zindagi bhar nahin bhulengi woh barsaat ki raat" - just watch the movie if you can. He has no expression singing one of the all time romantic songs and to the beautiful madhubala!!

phucker said...
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phucker said...

Disturbing and off topic...