Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Makke di DVD aur sarson da blog

Sorry for the bad rhyming. Couldn't get anything better to rhyme with saag. However, I am accurate about the Makke (corn) di CD. A Japanese company (where else can this innovation come from) has developed a corn starch DVD. It is possible to apply the new substance not only to a DVD, but to a CD and blue ray disk, which is a next-generation memory storage device, the company said. Read this amazing fact.

What about sadda Punjab? Chak de innovation??? We can make corny movies, but not corny media?? I can recollect only two uses for corn: eating and nostalgic references in Yash Chopra movies.

Think about the myriad innovations possible:
'If you don't like the movie, eat it up'
'Dinner and a movie' (very American concept)
'Tea, coffee or DVD?'

Oh, I can't think of anything smarter here, but if you are commenting on this blog, feel free to chip in. By the way, as the only known Punju reader, Tarun, what EXACTLY does 'Chak de phatte' mean?


phucker said...

Hmmm, ok first of all have to make clear that I am Delhi-Punjabi (the worst kind). That means even I find most of the pure Punjabi incomprihensible! However, I think the closest English translation which captures the essence (and is close to the literal meaning as well) is "Tear The House Down!" <- phrase is used in a dancing/party context, not a (de)construction context. That's as far as I know. If there are any other closet-Punjus reading this blog, please do contribute.

Stone said...

no worries, let them come up with all innovations, bring those to 'sadda punjab' we will write "Made in jallandhar" on them ;-)

Parth said...

Well said Stone :-) Unethical, but true. It is a common joke I heard as a kid in Bombay that 'Made in USA' need not be from America. USA stood for Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association :-)

phucker said...

LOL. And I suppose that Made in UK means Made In 'Udhar-Kidhar'...hmmm you guys are beginning to give me ideas for my future business again...BTW, your blog caused me to envision the following future:

Favourite food: DVDs w/ Salsa ...mmmmm
(I can't wait to see what happens to your digestion after eating the 'Prem Qaidi' DVD)...

Geetanjali said...

Hahah...now that would be something...bloody annoying movie. How dare the VCD renting place says it's good..I'll munch some of it, so he can't inflict the torture on anyone else! LOL! Fun!!! Muhahahahha!

Anonymous said...

Easy to cook - Microwavable DVDs!

Picture that:O!!!