Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Main to King Kong ho gaya

Tumse mila to chakkar chala to, ping pong ding dong ho gaya
Ladki pati to aisa laga jaise, main to king kong ho gaya

Exasperated at work, I found a song with lyrics to match my current mood. What are these guys thinking when they write this kind of crap?

Peter Jackson, are you listening? Perfect song to have King Kong serenade Naomi Watts!! I don't see this song making it to my 2005 list. Do you?

For those who want to hear the song for themselves, here are the details

Song : Shaadi Kar Ke Phas Gaya
Movie Name : Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar
Singer : Sonu Nigam
Music Director : Sameer
Lyrics : Manohar Iyer


Anonymous said...

Our guys do come up with choice lyrics, don't they?

How about this gem from Hera Pheri:
Main ladki po po po
Tu ladka po po po
Hum dono mile po po po
Tho aage hoga kya?

sd said...


30in2005 said...

Definitely a King Kong song! Saw the trailer of this movie - Salman and Shilpa shetty. I think movie and song are a good match - both rubbish!


phucker said...

"What is mobile number, what is your style number"
"No one so 'SAXY' in the galaxy"
"Munna Mobile, Pappu Pager"

Seema said...

haaa haaa haaa haa!! hillarious! :-) And I thought "aati kya khandala" was bad!

Avinash said...

I thot only P.K.Mishra (fate does have a wierd sense of humor) had the copyright on such lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Chandni Chowk ki chandni hai tu
Lal Qile ki laali
chumma de de chumma de de
nahin te doonga gaali!!

Don't know the film, but Anu Malik's distinct voice comes screeching to mind.