Monday, May 16, 2005

The Bo-home-ian rhapsody

... or the feeling that comes with making a trip back home. Yes, I am going back to apna des, aamchi Mumbai, good old Andheri. Since the primary purpose is to attend a couple of weddings (unfortunately, the couple of couples didn't decouple the wedding and bad weather), this trip should provide me with opportunities to explore this rapidly progressing city of ours. Off multiplexes and high salaries and cafes and the ilk. Off the cell phone explosions and information technology and the kind. Off Indianised Subway and McDonalds and Pizza Huts. Off the sweet memories that I have off the place. Off that one marble slab in the front of my college that was my favorite spot. Off the three apartments that I lived in while I was there. Off the good looking girls that drew us out of our houses each evening. Off the vada-pavs and bhel-puris and the million other refreshments. Off my Mom's food. Off old friends and family. Off Rock Beach. Off everything that I once related to. Off life and love and the Maximum City.

My parents don't have a PC at home. That implies that I shall be very sporadic while frequenting the web. So, consider this an interregnum, a pause, an Alpa-veeram.

P.S> I leave day after tomorrow and will be gone for almost 3 weeks. Till then, take care, keep blogging and enjoy the weather (wherever it is enjoyable)


Akruti said...

Have loads of fun{but it is buring hot there} and comeback with lotso f memories to cherish:)

aparna said...

If you are going back after sometime, then indeed you will be surprised. Im not a a Dilliwaali and i have been to Delhi almost every year...and everytime we go there, theres a new surprise.

Am not sure about Mumbai (Which of course already had a good nightlife). Delhi has changed A LOT! there are more eating joints, many many more lounge bars/hokaah bars - basically much better night life. Lots of shopping malls...and delhi has its own metro now...and yes Cellphones...its indeed an explosion. Even my parents maid servant and her husband a rickshaw puller have one each! and my dad didnt have one - i had to force him to buy one :D

Have a good trip, enjoy...yes its very nice - the trips back home :)

sd said...

Hey Parth,

Have a good trip.

Seema said...

have a wonderful trip! I hope you are able to meet your friends and enjoy.

Geetanjali said...

Hey Parth - have loads of fun in Bbay - seems like it's been a long time since you've been back home, so you'll be quite surprised at all the changes. Specially around Lokhandwala - hope the resto suggestions are useful and appreciated ;-)

sd said...

Hope you had a great trip - waiting for your next post!