Monday, May 02, 2005

Dis-oriented and Dis-occidented

We changed offices over the weekend and I am still getting used to turning west instead of east when I enter my main lobby to get to my new office (hence the blog title). Disorientation is the theme for this morning. Not feeling a 100%, not thinking a 100% either. Need to get some important work done before a meeting in the next three hours. I don't hate Mondays, but hate not feeling well on Mondays for sure. After having gulped down three cups of coffee since morning, there isn't much else caffeine is going to do for me. Music's my last ditch attempt to feel good. Tuning into Parineeta right now. A remake of the timeless classic story of eminent writer Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, I don't know enough about the movie yet to hedge my bets on which way this will go. My mind is awake enough for this piece of trivia: this is the 3rd remake of the movie (most think its the second). The first starred Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari while the second starred Jeetendra and Sulakshana Pandit. The odd thing is that I don't recollect any numbers from the Ashok Kumar movie. Perhaps they didn't have anything superlative (or perhaps I have never heard them at all). Alright enough. I should get working again. I am cluttering my blog with mindless posts. Need to avoid that. Later.


RTD2 said...

I have blog-title-creation envy! And about your meeting..if u can't convince them, confuse them!

aparna said...

So has Parineeta sunk-in yet? :-)

Archana said...

I'll explain some Vaastu Shastra...Make sure your office is towards the north..then you'll have to turn nowhere. But seriously, its going to be alright. Dont worry, you will not head into the wrong office.
Parineeta : I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I hope this one's gonna live up to the mark.

Vinay said...

Keeping the doors locked is the key.

I almost entered my old apartment as I was returning from school late night. I had just moved across the street. The apartment's door wasn't locked. This being a univ town (Logan, Utah) with almost 0% crime rate, hardly any student locks the door. And I was on the verge of ruining the crime rate record by entering an all girls apartment.

Stone said...

Mindless posts are the BEST :-)

Geetanjali said...

Hey Parth, here's the promised Resto recommendations (very random, not comprehensive at all, these r from the top of my head):-

If you're in for some Continental, Italian etc kinda stuff, head for any of these:-
1. PopTates - 7 bungalows, if you re moving towards Versova, this falls in the line of Restos after BonBon
2.Little Italy - Juhu, near Maneckji Cooper, next to Ritu Kumar's outlet
3. Da Vinci - Pali Naka
4. Al Fredo's - Next to Prithvi entrance, Juhu

For desi stuff try these:-
1.Only Parathas - Linking Road
2. Signature - 7 bungalows (old timer, but theys erve decent food)
3. Urban Tadka - run by same guy as PopTates. Turn in at Bonbon as you come in from 4 bungalows. Head down that lane, to the end, just before it curves and joins Juhu-Versova link road.

For Chinese:-
1. Legacy of China - again run by PopTates owner. 7 bungalows, opp Swadesh/Canara Bank, just before the road turns near 7 bungalow park.
2. Mainland China - Orig at SakiNaka, this branch opened last yr. It's on the Oshiwara link road - coming from Fame Adlabs, move straight and turn in near the Hyundai showroom. It's in that complex. AWESOME FOOD! (my favourite)
3.Lemon Grass - Turner Road, near HDFC bank. (Come to think of it, in that line, there are 4-5 restos of diff cuisines - Pot Purri for conti, FirePlace for Kababs, Sahibaan etc)
4. Tian - Juhu, just before Juhu Gali.

In cafes - you simply must visit Mocha (Juhu beach and Hill road, opp Holy Family hospital)!!! Their desserts rock - they've got an interesting range of coffees, hookas, wines and hors-d'ouevres as well!

Hope this helps :-)So thee planning to visit homeland soon?

phucker said...

Hey Geetanjali, thanks for posting these, I think I'll also take advantage of them! It's funny how B'bay restaurants also open a Delhi branch eventually (which, of course, according to u mumbaikers never lives up to the original :-))

Cafe Mocha
Imperial Garden
Olive Bar & Kitchen

and there are more.....

Parth said...

Thanks a ton for these recommendations Geetanjali. You know what, blog it. This is really good and will be useful to a lot of people.

Ragini said...

Oh nice restaurant list..of which
1. Pop Tates has deteriorated completely from our college days Parth. No offence geetanjali.
2. Dynasty for Chinese on SV road still kicks ass. So does Yokos for sizzlers that you don't get anywher else in teh world.
3. Tian, again sorry Geetanjali, is very over priced and over rated.
4. There is a new bhelwaala outside PP mithaiwaala in 4 bungalows.. he is just tooo good. there is also a juice center there.. superb... i have seen vikram bhatt there :-)
5. I liked Noodle Bar in bandra actually... plus u need to go there just to see how the MTV culture.. (can u call it culture??) has taken over the city.

Geetanjali said...

Hey just remembered this site - it's great fr resto-review. You could check it out:-

Noodle Bar is good - I forgot to mention that...I love their option of making your own noodle dish - you get to decide what goes into's fun n interesting. It's owned by the Cream Center/Bombay Blues guy - infact you could check out Cream Center (opp Amarsons, Linking Road) and Bombay Blues (next to Noodle Bar, Bandra and behind Shopper's Stop Andheri)...
As for Tian - must admit never been there, but heard abt it. Had got good reviews...each to his own I guess.
PopTate's sizzlers and pastas are still good - and it's a great place to hang out!

Anyways before I turn into a resto critic, that's all for now ;-)

Geetanjali said...

And oh...Crepe Station, off Carter Road. Yummy!

Ok I'll shut up now :-)

RTD2 said...

Wow..all that food talk has made my mouth water. Since all the recommendations I would have been able to offer from my years in Bombay would have been roadside eateries and small shady joints in town,that I could spend just enough to get by the parent-radar but fill my stomach, perhaps a certain brother-in-law of mine should note these down, and take me to these places. *hint hint, Parth*

Anonymous said...

Legacy of china food is got a lot better heard that the management has changed all the owners have seperated ....and all the places are run seperately by different owners