Friday, September 09, 2005


Some people reflect the weather outside. Their moods swing up with rays of sun hitting them in the face, and gloom sets in when gray clouds gather. We have had some moody weather in Seattle off late (as they say, if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes). The sun had been beaming 0n us for a while and now wet and cooler weather has begun its onset. I was thinking where I fit in the reactionary scheme of things. Sunsitive, I guess. But in the opposite sense. I like the sun, don't get me wrong. But I wouldn't give an arm and a leg to be in California. I like the sun in sporadic bursts, but what I am concerned about most is the heat. Cooler temperatures are much to my liking. I like gentle cold breezes or zephyr's (if I remember my last word list in Barron's GRE book correctly). I like greyish skies, with moisture hinting at a potential downpour. A drop almost condenses and falls on your hand. I like the sun partially hidden behind the clouds, providing just enough lighting for the show to begin. Alright, I am a monsoon lover. I love the rains, and flooding notwithstanding, that is one of the reasons I loved Bombay. Some great memories and feelings are associated with it, and that I guess is matter for another post.

Rains in the US however are different. Cold, wet showers, which one cannot enjoy drenching in. Temperatures drop sharply when the rain comes and one prefers being indoors. That said, there is a small pocket of weeks (well, like the current period) where the mist is predominant, the clouds are grey but the temperature is bearable. I love the thought of sitting outside on my patio furniture (yup, four months into my house, what do you expect?) and sipping coffee. Of course, in my parallel universe, when the clouds gather and the temperature drops, I'd love to be on the terrace of an old house in a village, with a hint of cool breeze, with clouds warning of impending rain, with a cup of coffee in my hand while I stare at the vast expanse of land in front of me with the sky lighting up at the edges in varied colours and the trees fluttering in the breeze.

A post to nowhere, about nothing in particular, just reflecting what I want right now. Nonentheless, its out here now. So, why don't you share what kind of a person are you? Sunsitive? Rainman? Hot and happening? Chime in.


Akruti said...

Suddenly the clouds loom over u r head and can feel chill in the air,u dont want to move even if the raindrops touch you from all the sides:)the breeze touches your cheeks and makes u shiver slightly but still u want to stand where you are.
and past two days i can feel it here in Hyd.standing on the terrace of our 15yr old house,i look at the coconut palms around and the clouds travelling all the place:)
i put up the pictures of it all on my blog,first two are from my house:)
I love rain and clouds,mist and chill in the air anyday:)

Niranjan said...

We have something here in santa barbara called the June Gloom for like a month in June. The overcast skies with a mild chill in the air, and the craving for a hot cup of tea that ensues are reminiscent of the Mumbai Monsoons. But thats where the similarity ends, coz it never rains here.

btw, liked Piece by Piece. 'd last read one of your poems in Disha, like 6+ years ago.

kay said...

The sun is nowhere to be seen..rumbling clouds gather up in the sky to devour whatever last vestige of sunlight is there,the breeze flows and u c children running down the streets..great day to play cricket...and yes...all u want to do is sit with a cup of coffee in ur hands!!I like the manner in which u so precisely capture the mood,feeling and the weather.

TTG said...

Definitely a sunny person. I've had my share of winter, thanks! Philly winter is TERRIBLE, and NJ, NY weather is even worse. I'm fine with melting away in the heat (at least you lose some weight, just by walking to the market to get a loaf of bread!). Plus the intense heat is what makes the first drops of monsoon that much more beautiful. That being said, the 2 days of Summer that Seattle gets makes it look very beautiful too! :-p

aparna said...

Oh! am totally a rain person, as you might have guessed from the blog by now. I love cloudy sky, heavy lashing rains, thunderstorms, grey-overcast-almost dark skies.... there's something extrememly romantic and cozy and liberating about it, all the same time... cant explain, so yeah am a rain person.

But yes, dont like rain in winters though :-(

OMG said...

I have never appreciated the sun as much as I did after my first below-freezing-temperature-Bostonian winter. It was snowing right into April!

Sunny skies, gentle winds, swaying palm trees make me smile.