Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wrap Around

Is it a fallacy to subsribe to a Blind
Faith in the strokes of the Smiling
Assassin who waits with patience for the Living
Daylights to go down and paints a Tequila
Sunrise on a multihued sky like a Picture
Perfect ending to a long Tongue
Twisting phrase that speaks of a golden morning?

This is a bizarre quick attempt at wordplay. For those who may not have a clue as to what I tried here, I have basically woven a sentence/poem/question around two worded phrases that immediately came to my mind (for eg. blind faith) such that the first word and the second word are split across lines. Read by themselves, each of them could be a sentence, give or take some correct punctuations. Something is better than nothing, especially when it comes to blog posts.


OMG said...

This is awesome! I had to go back twice to figure it out, but thats just slow me.

Its always delightful for someone like me who unkwoingly trips across word play and shamelessly takes credit for it to see others excel at the effort.

RTD2 said...

More of this, please! Btw..I used to know a dirty campfire song that followed a similar idea.

sd said...

It took me some time to get this one --- but thats me ery slow! It is reallly nice.