Friday, October 14, 2005


T'is the season of punny villanious blog titles. Also the season of centuries. I complete 100 posts with this one. This is a funny feeling. This occassion calls for me to say soemthing profound. Here goes. I like blogging but I have to wonder if it is a hobby that I am losing interest in. The frequency of my blogging has decreased, the number of people reading my blogs has decreased and better blogs are popping up all over the place that make me feel like I should be in the audience. Don't worry. I am only half-joking. At least about the last part. Yes, I read extensively. But no, I wouldn't stop writing because someone writes more enjoyable matter. Reinvention is the name of the game. Perhaps I need to write in Hindi as suggested (I wonder if I am prepared for the pains of typing) or simply explore other facets of my writing (perhaps about my job, which might just drive the last four five people coming here too). That is the problem with directionless journeys. You are always going in the right direction and always heading the wrong way too.

However, 100 posts are 99 more than the first one and I believe that is a achievement worth celebrating. I have made a conscious efforts to have content in the posts. No one-liners. Real articles, poems, observations, photographs. That makes for a successful experiment for me, given that I wanted to get back in touch with my writing abilities.

I took this chance to go back and read some of my posts and thought I'd list out a few of them. I have not listed my poems or the ghazals I translated in here (I liked them all), but these are some others that I quickly summed up. Feel free to comment/add/delete from the list. The blog may not be of the people, or by the people, but in some measure, is definitely for the people. This is the best I could do in 10 minutes of flipping through the links, so bear with me.

First post:

Some posts that I enjoyed writing:

Popular ones (don't comment on how few these are):


TTG said...

Congrats on your Sau-run, you Dark Lord of Blog Posts! Funnily enough, I will be approaching that number pretty soon too, and may just linger around the wicket long enough to hit my century too! (I'm just hitting slow singles till then, destroying the run rate!) Keep writing, even there isn't one person left reading your blog (thought I'm sure there will always be a loyal few...!)

sd said...
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sd said...

The frequency of my blogging has decreased" - a case of nervous nineties :-) Now with a century to your name, looking forward to seeing you play with renewed energy!

Niranjan said...

Congrats on a very creative and enjoyable sau-run! As for a benediction, may the patron saint of all bloggers, see you through many more such centuries :-).

RTD2 said...

Waldemart, Saurun, Parth Vader..I think there's a sign there :)
This is my favorite punny villainous space in the world, at any rate! Congratulations on a fantastic century!

aparna said...

I was about to restrict my comment to a Lara Kya Maara!

But then remembered the ownership of the blog belongs to parthp. So great going parth! and i am so damn sure, you will not retire to audiencehood any time soon, or rather, ever.

So keep the runs coming! :-)

aparna said...

Btw, i remember, i totally loved 'hornokplease'!

Geetanjali said...

O I totally know what you mean when you say " like blogging but I have to wonder if it is a hobby that I am losing interest in. The frequency of my blogging has decreased...and better blogs are popping up all over the place that make me feel like I should be in the audience."

I think that way soooooooo many times, but in the end the furor scribendi ALWAYS wins and I can't tear myself away from blogging.

Inshallah aap 100 aur post likhenge aur tab tak aapke readers bhi dugne honge...phir hum is blog ko "Solilowkey - ja mile ummeed se dugna" kahlayenge...shit terrible PJ. Congrats anyways Parth :-)

Parth said...

Thanks ye old faithful for the best wishes and the encouraging comments. What is a true blue blogger, if not a whimsical creature, going through the usual ups and downs in his blogging career? Will attempt to continue the tempestuous relationship. Thanks for the words.

Meenal Mehta said...

congratulations Parth , on a lovely century .