Thursday, February 23, 2006

The light within

I have been meaning to post these photographs for a while. On an odd Seattle day a couple of years ago, I saw a huge rainbow from the balcony of my apartment and rushed there with my camera. The first snap below is a beautiful image of the different zones of light that form in a rainbow. Notice how the light within the rainbow is much different than the light outside. It is like a lazy attempt at painting, the elements very obvious and beautiful.

Different light zones Posted by Picasa

While I watched in awe at the sudden spurt of brightness and color, there came along another rainbow. Perfect concentric circles, one inside the other :-) (An arranger at a dandia said the exact same words). The second one lives on the outer edge and pales in luminosity to the first. A servant to circumstance, a lamp to a sun.

A band of brothers Posted by Picasa

It was an enjoyable sight. I am wrapping up the post with a close up of the first rainbow. Made me wish I had a better camera or better photography skills, but the result was still enjoyable. Hope you feel the same.

Bow before the rain Posted by Picasa


sd said...

The last pic is awsome!!!

aparna said...

Wow! Awesome! Especially the last pic.

mirubh (p.k.a B.Buc) said...

Good pics.... esp. the line about 'a servant to circumstance' is well put!!!