Friday, February 24, 2006

A Kill to Time

Oh verse and rhyme, Oh fate and time
Oh patience and virtue, Oh penny and dime
Poor old Sam waits for his turn
Poor old Sam watches time churn
No one lets him move ahead
No one lets him take his place instead
Sam is stuck between several bodies
Sam is stuck between several nobodies
He has planned his flight away
He has planned to fight away
The crowds cheer as their leader arrives
The crowds cheer as a hope revives
The leader throws his garlands on the waiting crowd
The leader throws his best face on, stern and proud
Sam extends his hand, reaching high to make a catch
Sam extends his hand, no the other one, in a flash
A finger pressed hard catches a flower in mid-flight
A finger pressed hard sends a bullet at the speed of light
An eternity of glory breaks a smile on Sam’s face
An eternity of glory shrouded in public disgrace


Hiren said...

Its always a pleasure to spend some time,
Listening to some interesting rhyme
I am always game,
To put some psuedo-intellectuals to shame
Who give rhyming a bad name.
Rhyming is more intersting than verse, nothing can be same.

RTD2 said...

Oh stupidity, Oh misunderstanding
Oh inspiration, Oh meaning dawning!
The ignoramus searches high and nigh
The poet explains with a resigned sigh
Poor old Aarti waits to learn
Poor old Aarti needs to be burned
The display of ignorance was a risk worth taking
The display of talent made it a mistake worth making!

Nicely done, Parth! (Now that I get it!)

aparna said...

yes nicely done!

But i cant reply in rhymes! sorry, you guys are far better in rhyming than i ever could be!


Niranjan said...

Neatly done and a very innovative style! Tis splendid, the way in which two parallel stories (if one reads the alternate lines) spell out one fine poem.

Anonymous said...

let me warn u beforehand that i have a weakness for puns, and that begins with your title, soliloquy, or soli-low-key, a low key soliloquy.

the other annoying habit i have is reading blogs that i am intrigued by, from the beginning - in your case, 2 years back, so you'll be getting a lot f unsolicited comments on posts wayyy back. my punny pal, expect to see me here, often and in unexpected places.

shreya said...

Lovely structure. Nice work. good to see you back as a poet of sorts!

Extempore said...

Unfortunately my writing skills do not extend to the rhyme but this was very, very well done!

Please to take a bow! *claps*!!