Monday, March 20, 2006

Take a haiku

I am currently in Las Vegas attending the MIX06. Surrounded by an army of geeks and put up at the rather plush Ventian, this has been a good experience for me around getting to know how these technology centric events work. Its not over yet. There's work to be done, money to be won (or lost) and fun to be had. Inspired by the imageries of Las Vegas, I wrote up some haikus. My first attempt at them. If you have been to Las Vegas, the words and the images will make sense to you. If not, I recommend you go to Vegas :-)

The wing lifts
I see from the window
Myself fly

Daily miracle
Crooning on the big stage
Elvis in flesh

The dice rolls
Ten broken hearts pay for
One man's smile

Shrinking world.
The Coliseum seen from
The Eiffel Tower

A Dreamer's delight
An eternal day under
A fake sky


Niranjan said...

Parth, wonder if you've had as much luck at the casinos, as with crafting these wonderful haikus :-).

RagzZmatazZ said...


shreya said...

Haven't been to Vegas, but your haikus? Glamorously Mysterious!


Parth said...

Niranjan: No luck dude. Lost all the money, but had the good sense to stop early

Rags: Thanks

Shreya: Glamorously mysterious comment from you too. I am wondering what to make of it. Since it is open to interpretation, I'll assume you liked the work :-)

Nocturne said...

love 1, 3 and 5.
very especially 3.
5 is zen.

shreya said...

Parth: I did. Very much. Looking forward to more...In fact, I might try some myself!

Parth said...

Thanks Isis. I personally liked the third and the fifth a lot too. Struggled a little with the fifth in ensuring the message goes through. Guess I did succeed at the end :-)

Shreya. Thank you. I was just wondering if glamorously mysterious meant an attempt to obfuscate the meaning with an interesting play of words. Please do try the haiku format. Its a thrill to convey so much with so little

Extempore said...

I LOVE the second and third! And pls may I extend my heartiest dirty looks for being in Vegas while I am stuck scripting for Yukon courses!! :-)

Have fun, my dear! Loads and loads of it!

RS said... I am curious about haikus, might read up a bit on the rules, structure and such and come back to this post :)

sd said...

Loved the fifth one.

Nocturne said...

Parth, you are a genius with titles. i was rolling "take a haiku" in my mind for fifteen freaking minutes!!
i think i'm in love.

Sachin said...

no clue what haikus are

visited ur blog after a long hiatus... didnt know u had stopped for a while..
though seems ur back in full swing.
keep the good work

Anuradha said...

Here after a long time...good to read you after a long time...

Anuradha said...

Here after a long time...good to read you after a long time...

Anonymous said...

Nice about a title?