Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Self Portrait

Three spots on that face
Speckles of white
Is that rust on her hair?
A cleft on the left lip?
A gash on the wide forehead?

She shudders at the sight and feels
Pity, anger, defeat and fear
Amidst the ruins stand bright
Her eyes. Clear, true.

Then the cleft lip straightens into a smile
A hand wipes the stains on the old mirror


Nocturne said...

SELF portrait?! er, this is something real heavy that i'm not getting, isn't it?

sd said...

Nice and Crisp! You are getting back in form:) Happy Holi!!

Parth said...

Isis. Good point. I had that theme stuck in mind. Saw an ad for a poetry competition where self-portrait was the theme. Just how someone visualizes themselves. In 'themselves' I don't mean the poet, but the central character of the poem

RTD2 said...

This is good stuff...are you sending it into the contest? You should!

mirubh (p.k.a B.Buc) said...

nicely done, parth. there is also the rediscovering the evils in your path via this, if you explore the looking through a mirror theme a bit.

Niranjan said...

A solemn reflection captured neatly!

aparna said...

Yes, this was good. Short and good.

kaunquest said...

nice one!

Mohit said...
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Mohit said...

The mirror took her in with all her imperfections and spat out a perfect image