Monday, June 05, 2006

Wired for Weird

Got tagged by Aparna to come up with six weird things about myself, so going along with it. Skipping the tagging part though. Here goes the list of weirdness that I can come up with (including a bonus one at the end)

· I like to cross lanes without stepping on the lane markers (this will be familiar to those who have driven in the US). It interrupts the smoothness of my drive :-)
· I remember the lyrics of each song of a movie that I am going to watch in the theater so I can sing it out loud. I always do.
· I like to get a sense of deja vu when I visit a place a second time round, especially if that place is one I am unlikely to visit regularly. For eg. a spot en route to Crater lake, a random STD/ISD call booth en route to Sion. And yes, I like smiling at the little triumph of having made that connection
· Punctuality is (I wish it still were, but it used to be) an obsession. I used to reach before time on most places, and prided myself on readjusting my time accurately to accomodate traffic delays in Bombay.
· I was superstitious of about it raining every year on my birthday. If it didn't happen (and I can't recall a single year in India that it didn't), it probably wouldn't be a good year. Given that my birthday is in July, it would almost always happen in Bombay. There would at least be a very small drizzle. If I go by what happens in the US, I have been having six bad years in a row :-)
· Oh, and taking a cue from Aparna, here's an interesting one. My board exams: physics I paper. At the fag end of the two hour time, I went up to the supervisor to get a supplement sheet. When I got back, my main paper was missing!!!! Turns out I forgot to put a weight on it and it had flown. I traced my eyes upto the window. There it was, hanging gingerly on the grill, just a few inches between it flying out and my entire career down the drain. I just smiled, took ten steps to the window, took the paper, sat down and finished what I was doing. Result was 39/40 and the weirdness was that I didn't panic.
· I have vivid and detailed memories of the cricket matches I have played. With my brother in Surat in summer vacations, to my school games to the current matches I play in Seattle. I remember specific shots I have played, wickets I have taken, catches I have caught (and dropped), my scores and how I got out. While on the subject, I am always playing shadow cricket in the house (you know, no bat, no ball, no ground, no players ... just actions)


aabeirah said...

Very nice blog. I love it. Either that or I'm getting so familiar with the people on my links list that I can actually feel every word that is being written. Eerie!

RagzZmatazZ said...

Hmm. :)
I am the same with punctuality.

aparna said...

Okay, this was quite interesting! :D

I would have panicked if my answer sheets were hanging onto the window sill... Yes, that was very wierd, that you didnt panic!

And you remember all the lyrics?? really?? wow! :)

You should record pne of this singing out loud sessions and post them on the blog :P

Niranjan said...

hehe..the paper hanging from the window during the board exams was the weirdest. It trivializes those nasty incidents of water spilling on to pages writ with a fountain pen.

RS said...

Yay! Am not the only weird one :)

For some reason your Physics exam reminds me of the time when my mom decided to wake me up late the day of my 10th Hindi exam (I hadn't finished revising "vyakaran") dad went late to work that day because of the drama I created :)

dinesh said...

The cricket one is so similar, at least I am not alone :). I remember every one of my scores as well. I count my scores when I am batting (which is a distinct attribute of a selfish batsman, but I like to think I am not :)). I even remember what songs I sang to myself when I played some rare big knocks. Yes, I sing songs to myself to keep focus :)

Extempore said...

Do you know, I have my birthday in July as well and it has, NEVER in 26 years, rained on my birthday! Perhaps that's why I've had such a weird past few years. ;-)

shreya said...

I have to drink my cup of tea when I am reading the comics. Only with the comics, and no comics without the tea.

And I read three horoscopes everyday.

And on the days I wash my hair, I blow dry it in the bathroom, sipping a second cup of tea that I place on the flush tank.

Parth said...

Impressive contributions from RS, Dinesh, Extempore and Shreya. You just made my normalcy factor climb up a little :-)

@Aparna, I'll record it in the theater and post it. Don't blame me if I then sound like Sonu Nigam :-)

@Aabeirah: Eerie=weird :-)

etripe said...

Sorry, But parth, Is that all? I could have sworn there would be more quirks to you!! Surprises , surprises!!

Parth said...

@Etripe: No, not at all. There is a lot more, but the tag said that the number should be limited to 5. I did give one bonus, didn't I? You don't expect to list all my quirks on a tagged post, do you?

:..M..: said...

:) That was a rather interesting read. I imagine you're a stickler for details, given the whole cricket memories and deja vus.

The part about the exam made me think of anything weird that happened when I wrote exams. The only thing I came to mind was when I slept for one hour in a 3 hour exam for Hindi. I passed, let's keep it to that!

30in2005 said...

What is it with cancerians and rain. Although I lived in Delhi I have exactly teh same superstition. If it doesn't rain on my birthday Ohoh! Luckily in London its always rained on my birthday and as long as I lived in Delhi it was the start of the monsoon so the rain gods were venting their fury!

I'm also obsessed by punctuality and am regularly the first person to arrive anywhere! Unfortunately most Indians keep Indian standard time which is anywhere between 30 to 60 mins late - I must admit this is my biggest pet peeve. Hate it and them for behaving this way -shows no respect for the occasion or people you are meeting. Sorry about the mini rant!!!