Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Death Knell

The procession streamed out
Men bound by a collective sorrow
Some lashed out in anger
Some slouched their shoulders having abandoned
The will to talk, the will to reason

Could it be perhaps that
life had been altered thus?
The sun would join in protest
The stars would turn off their lights

Could it be perhaps that
Apocalypse has come soon?
The world shattering to pieces
Shaken to its core
By the following five seconds of mayhem?

The middle of three wooden sticks
With two twigs completing a perfect house
Shattered by a vicious demon hurling
A cannonball of leather
And dashing thus, the hopes of a nation?


Anonymous said...
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aparna said...

I liked the lines. But didnt quite understand the intent. Explain? :)

Parth said...

I wanted to capture the passion that people can have for a game. The picture is that of spectators strolling out of a stadium in frustration that their team has lost a match. Mad-cap fans like me can get emotionally affected by some losses, you know :-) And the wicket portion, we lost a match by one run a few days ago when Yuvraj Singh got bowled in the last over. You can't imagine how upsetting that is :-)

Anonymous said...

@aparna: sigh, krikkit, krikkit, krikkit.

RS said...

And here I was wondering what deep insight I have missed! I tried to relate it to a short story that I read recently and tried to guess the tragedy that had befallen them!(Ref: The Lottery:

"Guys and Games! I should have known!" - shaking head and muttering :)

Parth said...

RS: Guys and games - Like its a bad thing? :-)

Niranjan said...

Confess, I was stumped till I read the comments. Wonderful!

sd said...

Neat. Ya seem to have suddenly lost it in West Indies. I suspect the plan of going with only 5 batsmen is back firing....

aparna said...

You have been tagged! :)

Anonymous said...

I am with you man ... some people will never understand how a beautiful cover drive can make your day ... or a so-near-yet-so-far loss can leave you devastated for years ... ah that six of the last ball ... like gulzar would say

"pichlee saalon ke gud ka swaad abhi tak hoonthon par chipak raha hai"

Ankit said...

very nice indeed... but you know what I understood exactly what you were saying. It couldn't have been anything else. Few things are more shattering than a close loss :-)... maybe gopaldas neeraj wrote these line after a cricket match :-) :

हो सका न कुछ मगर,
शाम बन गई सहर,
वह उठी लहर कि दह गये किले बिखरबिखर,
और हम डरेडरे,
नीर नयन में भरे,
ओढ़कर कफ़न, पड़े मज़ार देखते रहे।
कारवाँ गुज़र गया, गुबार देखते रहे!

Parth said...

Thanks Ankit. Immortal lyrics immortalized by Roshan and Rafi. Good to see them quoted here.