Thursday, July 13, 2006


Blood suffers as only blood can
Flowing through clogged arteries
Surfacing on a cut
To be washed away

Blood travels as only blood can
From your head to toe
Coursing, cursing, living
Ultimate, dried away

Blood splatters as only blood can
From struggling smiling bodies
In the air of terror
On mangled train doors

Blood rises as only blood can
In a city that can never sleep again
In a common man's breast
In protest to utter: Enough


aparna said...

I hope all is well with your friends and family back home...

RS said...


Parth said...

Like I was commenting in my previous post: everyone I know is fine. There are 200 people I didn't know who are dead, and it could very well have been anyone I knew for it struck at the heart of the common man's existence.

Nocturne said...
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Nocturne said...

there is no victory, no survival, and no defense and no place to hide, no limit and no rival in this exhaustive fratricide. we all fall down.

shreya said...

Blood knows only as blood can
The monsoon, the sea, the lullaby of trains,
Invisible, but haunts
With pain in a strange land.

From one Bombayiite to another.

Niranjan said...

Apt! Felt the anguish... still do.

etripe said...

This is a nice post, Parth.
You are right, but how does anyone in Bombay even implement the "enough!" part of it. Tough!!