Sunday, July 09, 2006

Life's a stretch

Feeling stretched? Posted by Picasa

This one's for the environmentalists out here. Photograph taken in 'Hip-hop Hollywood', as the kind billboard behind reminds me. How do you take a bad idea and extend it to make it 'badder'. Badder rhymes with Hummer, doesn't it? Wonder what rhymes with stretch hummer!

P.S> Substantial posts coming up. Blame the absence from the blog on visiting parents. Seeing this country and myself anew through their eyes is a learning experience. For once, I am being a good student.


sd said...

There a few people who have tried to explain to me why Hummers are bought. I have never been convinced. And I recently saw a stretch Hummer too and I think it ain't very great looking...

PS: Enjoy with your Parents... and we will wait for that substantial post.

Niranjan said...

Remember seeing one of those guzzlers in LA. 'Tis one of those did-you-see-thats of the odd variety. As for the rhyme, may I suggest baaaaaaadder ;-)

~Nayan~ said...

hi Parth
while browsing ur blog I realize that u are also a great admirer of Abida Parween...
I have a small request regarding the same. Since I didnt get ur email id in ur blog hence using this comment section for the request.
Do yo u have the song of amir khusaru
Aaj rung hai hey maan rung hai ri
Moray mehboob kay ghar rang hai ri
Sajan milaavra, sajan milaavra,
Sajan milaavra moray aangan ko
Aaj rung hai.....
sung by abida parveen most probably

I'll be graetful to you if u mail me the same song in
thanx in anticipation

Anonymous said...

thinking about you and every other mumbaikar who has opened up their city for me with their blog and their lens. hope that you and yours are safe.

Parth said...

@SD: There are actually people who think Hummers should be bought. Maybe they have an oil well in their backyard.

@Niranjan: What I can't understand is why anyone would want to drive this in the mad rush of Hollywood

@Nayan: Sorry dude, don't have that song.

@Nocturne: Thanks for the words of concern. Everyone I know is alright. But 200 people I didn't know are dead, and that doesn't make life easy.

Anonymous said...

@parth: indeed. i stand with you in a sense of common loss. i am sorry for what happened. it shouldn't happen.