Monday, August 14, 2006

Aahista Aahista

Yesterday, I heard one of my all time favorite ghazals after a while. This is a ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh and written by Ameer Minai. Jagjit Singh sang this in his album called ‘Unforgettables’, which he released with Chitra Singh in the year 1975. This was the first album that broke away from the traditional mould and used modern instruments in conjunction with traditional instruments, something that would become part of Jagjit’s style over the years. In my opinion, this is the among the best ghazal albums that Jagjit has come up with (others like A Sound Affair and Milestone would also qualify). Jagjit elevates the lyrics to a different level by his rendition. You can find it here. The rhythm of the song, the slight hint of echo in the recording and the simplicity of the lyrics adds to its brilliance. Enough said, here are the lyrics

Sarakti jaaye hain rukh se naqaab aahista aahista
Nikalta aa raha hai aaftaab aahista aahista
[rukh=face, naqaab=veil, aaftaab=sun]

Jawaan hone lage jab woh to humse kar liya parda
Hayaa yaklakht aaee aur shabaab aahista aahista
[hayaa=shyness, yaklakht = suddenly, shabaab=youth]

Shab-e-furqat ka jaaga hoon faristhon ab to sone do
Kabhi fursat mein kar lena hisaab aahista aahista

Woh bedardi se sar kaate 'ameer' aur main kahoon unse
Huzoor aahista aahista janaab aahista aahista


Stone said...

The Unforgettables!! thats my favourite album!!, infact this album initiated me into Ghazal world!
All ghazals/nazms are amazing!
I think it was released in 1976.

Nocturne said...

har do lamha palat-palat ke dekhe hum
kambakht, woh likha karte hain blog ahista ahista.

Parth said...

kalam to raazi hai, siyahi beqaraar hai
zehen mein khayaal aate hain par aahista aahista

sagar said...


Are these lyrics not complete?


Niranjan said...

Didn't know this ghazal was so old. One of my other favs is the one that starts.."apni marzi ke kahan apne safar ke hum hai // rukh hawaon ka jidhar hai udhar ke hum hai..". My own vocal renditions of these classics, though, remain woefully inadequate :-(

Truth Fairy said...

Beautiful ghazal that! At first I thought this post's about that new movie with Soha Ali Khan and Abhay Deol. Supposed to be good.

First time here. Nice to stumble upon a fellow Desi/Aggie blog. :)

aparna said...

yo know, just yesterday, a friend was singing lines from a jagjit singh song... and that set me onto listening to his songs. am hooked onto to songs from 'Arth' right now. :)

sd said...

Thanks for the translation!

kamal said...

These lines might not be there in the original song, but I like 'em

Hamare aur tumhare pyar me farak he itna,
Hamare aur tumhare pyar me farak he itna,
Idhar tau jaldi jaldi hein, udhar aahista aahista

Parth said...

@Stone: Hmm, I read this on a couple of sites. I think it is 1975

@Sagar: Kamal completed your request. That is the sher that was missing

@Kamal: Thanks :-)

koikahi said...

That was indeed a beautiful Ghazal. Thanks for reminding to listen to it again.

BTW check out my musical blog

sourabh said...

u missed something----
savaalevasl par unako uduu kaa Khauf hai itanaa
dabe honThon se dete hain javaab aahistaa aahistaa

hamaare aur tumhaare pyar men bas fark hai itanaa
idhar to jaldii jaldii hai udhar aahistaa aahistaa

Sparsh said...

Humne socha na chaleN is raah par,
Bus ek jaam ek shaam,aur chal pade...ahista aahista

Rajesh said...

Majar-E-Kais Par Jab Rooh-e-Laila Ek Din Aayi, To Armaano.n Ke Murjhaaye Kuchh Phool Bhi Layi! Lagi Jab Phool Rakhane, To Kabr.a Se Aawaaz Yeh Aayi, Chadhaana Phool Jaaneman Magar, Aahista Aahista!!

Crazy Netizen said...

For Long i have been cravin for like-minded ppl & i guess m at d rite place after goin thru this blogs & comments.

With this i wud also request evry1 2 send me a link 2 dwnld tht SOULFUL GHAZAL BY JAGGUDA - AHISTA AHISTA

In fact, Thr r scores of ppl lyk me fm young generation in whom Jagjitsingh aroused interest in Ghazals

Jitendra Kumar sen said...

Superb... Gajal...
Dil tak pahuchne wali..

Unknown said...

thanks to amir minai jisne itni a6i ghazal likhi ,hats off for amir minai

unke chere par julf latke huye the mujhe thi jaldi unke chehre ke didar karne ki, par unhone julf ko hataya zara ahista ahista