Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Runners Inc.

The three of them rushed towards me
A hurling mass of metal and body
I slowed down and watched in amazement
Mother, pram, dog
Burning up the sidewalk
In an undecipherable order
A mind-boggling conundrum
Who's running whom?


There he sees it
Right past the bend
Just across the hill
Water, precious water

The limbs get strength
And the will awakens
As he rushes towards it
The mid-point of his marathon


Sweat trickles to his shoulder
A smile breaks on his face
He watches people run past him
And wonders, why do they bother?
Then bites into his hamburger


One small step for man
Doesn't count for much on the pedometer


Anonymous said...

"biting into the hamburger"
that familiar, familiar urge!

RTD2 said...

Heaving shoulders, dripping brows, wet backs and toned legs.
A chocolate muffin with semi-sweet chocolate chips. And me biting into it in the middle of a sea of 15k runners.
Needless to say, I identify with hamburger boy!

sd said...

Then bites in to hamburger:)Completely identify - I always gain weight when in go to the gym. And loved the last one.... very cheeky...and nice. *And now rushing off to the canteen*

Anonymous said...

you seem to have tumbled on a jackpot here, P! biting into that juicy burger while lookign at health freaks seems to be a universal oh-boy moment, judging by its popularity, heh heh.

Anonymous said...

typo. "stumbled".