Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A New Normal

I exit out the door
and look up, you know, like Sachin
when he enters the ground
at the heavens, examining, absorbing
sunlight, or the beaming halogens

Anyway, I look up and find
very few beams of sunshine
Gray, dark, low-hanging clouds
splatter my spectacles with shards of water

I quicken my step
to my destination, across the campus
constructing my frown
and folding my hands

Ten steps into the walk,
the frown dissolves into a smile
as hints of my favorite season
show up all around me
from a distant land

Another ten steps and a new instinct:
I tug at my jacket
and almost pull the zip up
but resist (freeze unless you absolutely can't take it)

The weather though has made its point
Winter is upon us.
Let the sunshine within prevail.


Niranjan said...

Fine closing stanza!

RTD2 said...

Let the sunshine indeed prevail. Indeed. Couldn't ask for more!

RagzZmatazZ said...

:):). Yes. Smile more and spread the warmth around. Good one.

aparna said...

yes let the sunshine within us prevail... well said! :)