Friday, September 22, 2006

Rain In Spain

Who said Zeus is dead?
Watch him, wave his hand
Over the planet and command
Sun, clouds, showers, snow

And speak with foreboding

The west shall drench, the east shall freeze
And the south, I bless you with sunshine

Who said Zeus is dead?
He who knows the weather a week in advance
And prophesizes in front of a green screen
Adjusting his tie and beaming his smile


Prerona said...

wow! really nice :)

koikahi said...

Very funny. How do you come up with such things.

Sorry I didn't catch your blogs lately. I was lost. I have few more now. Take some time to read. Will ya?

I said...

trust you to raise a chuckle from the dead!

Mohit said...

Those blessed by Zeus still have air-conditioning to deal with..

Freeze 9 hours a day at work so I guess we're even


Parth said...

@Prerona: Thanks :-)

@Koikahi: Yup, I have been meaning to sift through your blogs. Shall do that pronto.

@I: What happened to your blog on blogspot?

@Mohit: Ya, I clearly remember my days at MBT. Someone obviously forgot the dial on the AC.

I said...

@P: found a new spot in the sun. Niranjan has the inside scoop.

Aditya Kumar SIngh said...


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