Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Truth Is Out There

Shipped it! Internet Explorer 7 is out the door, and I am mighty thrilled. Worked on the product since its inception to delivery and its been a fun and challenging ride. If you are a Microsoft-basher, or inclined to go for other products simply because they are non-Microsoft, this blog ain't the place today. Today's the day to bask and relax for me.

You can download it from The site does a good job of explaining the new goodness we have brought to the browser, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Maybe you can install IE 7 and use it to subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. :-) Note that I don't generally talk about my work, and this is an exception. I considered it reason enough. The next such post that comes out will happen when Vista ships. I felt it necessary to post this because it is easy to lose sight of the impact that your work can have. Without a browser, you'd be surfing your hard drive :-) In case of the product I work on, that'd be most people on the planet who surf the internet.

Go IE!


Vi said...

I can't resist but to say that I am a firefox user, but do use IE occasionally (translated: when websites don't work properly on firefox).

With all that aside, yes, almost all pictures on my blog are indeed from my cellphone. I have a Sony Ericsson, w810i, and it has a 2.0 mega pixel camera included. =)

RTD2 said...

Congratulations! It's important to be proud of the work you do. I'm proud of the work you do...though you'd never guess it from my usual tirades :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations. I didnt know you work with the IE group.

sd said...


Extempore said...

Even though this comment is being typed out to you in Firefox, CONGRATS!! It is always so great to hear about someone being so proud of their work. :)

Also, just had a look at the Vista Beta and Office 2007 - must say I was quite impressed. Btw, if you are in the Vista product group, some of our e-Learning work should be headed your way soon.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Diwali, my dear.

sd said...

Happy Diwali!

Parth said...

@VI: There's a lot of work in the new version. Give it a spin.

@RTD2: Thanks!

@Shreemoyee: Thanks. Ya, little known fact. I don't talk about work too much on this space :-)

@SD: Thanks, and happy Diwali to you too.

@Extempore: Will be looking forward to the e-learning work.

RS said...

Congratulations! No matter what people say, IE is still the default browser for most users. But, I should mention that I prefer the javascript debugger (venkman), extensions that firefox offers (Tamper data, firebug etc) :)

But thats just me, congrats again :)

etripe said...

congrats Parth, Even the MS bashing sites have good things to say about IE as you must be aware.

Siri said...

First time I am coming across a person who is actually behind a Microsoft product :) Congratulations!