Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The voices sound altered
Like in the commercials
A bit too happy, a bit too loud
Resonating to a constant hum

A child wails in his mother’s arm
Solitaire being played on a work laptop

Plastic smiles on the face of the hostess
A Sudoku puzzle someone abandoned midway

The microcosm travels with its inmates
On two wings and jet fuel
Six hundred and thirty eight
Frequent flier miles away


anocturne said...

your concluding stanza is, as usual, a knockout.

Vi said...

Hope the destination's fun.

Anonymous said...

Is that how many frequent flier miles you have :)

Niranjan said...

Getting there is half the fun, as the idiom goes. Nice one!

Parth said...

@Anoc, Niranjan: Thanks :-)

@Vi: It was, and I am glad about that.

@Shreemoyee: Don't remind me. I have been rotten with keeping that up