Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Glimpses of India

As promised, here are some pictures taken from my India trip. There was not much scope to move around, so here's a little bit of what I have.

Let me start with, what else, a picture from sunset at a beach (regular readers might know of my weakness for the sea and particularly, its shores) Here's a little slice of heaven from India: Alibaug to be precise (a few hours drive from Mumbai).

Picture 638

I made a trip to Ahmedabad to visit family and spent a day going around. The first stop was Sabarmati Ashram, a beautifully maintained sanctum sanctorum of the Father of the nation. Particularly soothing was the wind blowing through at the bank of the river Sabarmati where the ashram is located.

This is R.K. Laxman's tribute to Gandhi, a series of cartoons drawn in his trademark style

Picture 339

Gandhi's working quarters during his stay at the ashram

Picture 350

Next up is Adalaj ni Vav a step well very close to Ahmedabad. The architecture of this place is marvelous. Enjoy the effect of what seems like a series of never ending arches.

Picture 358

Beauty rising out of ruins

Picture 364

Next stop was at the Sun Temple in Modhera, the only second one of its kind (the other more famous one is in Konark, Orissa). The highlight was the massive stepped tank in front of the temple called Surya Kund. There are 108 miniature shrines carved in between the steps. I didn't know this before the speciality of a sun temple is that the first rays of the sun fell on the image of the Sun God during equinoxes.

A section of the aforementioned tank.

Picture 405

Intricate carvings

Picture 390

The Sabha Mandap

Picture 392

Here's an odd picture to complete this post. Spic and span, the new shining (pun intended) India. A mall in New Bombay on a weekday.

Picture 463


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, it seems like you hit up a lot of interesting places. Loved the picture of the ashram.

Pallavi said...

those RK Laxman cartoons of gandhi are really interesting. do you have close-ups of those, by any chance?

RS said...

Nice...esp the photo of the sea, I wanna go to India too :(

frissko said...

sunset and the sea..u dont get these two on the same side in chennai (and i dont raise early enough to catch the rise!)...the temple pics reminded me of Hampi..

i like Gandhi's room...kindof makes you want to sit there and read...

Parth said...

@Vi, RS: Thanks

@Pallavi: No close up, but I have the original high resolution snap. I'll send it over to you.

@Frissko: I agree. Gandhi's room was a reflection of his personality, his hallmark: simplicity. Wonder what our rooms speak about us :-)

Keerti Prasad said...

Some really good shots ! Nice.