Monday, June 07, 2010


Lived, Loved, Lost, Lived, Loved
Is it your life's story?
A little rearrangement
And it well could be.


Vidya said...

You just threw me into a past memory, Parth. It eerily feels like you somehow know the story already. :)

Parth said...

@Vidya: Maybe I do :) It really was my intent; to highlight how universal most of our stories are. Somehow it is only the order in which some of these things happen that differs.

ofternoons-n-coffeespoons said...

Lovely :)

Chanced upon your blog through Oxymoron's. (Vowing to myself to be more regular.)

Parth said...

@ofternoons-n-coffeespoons: I think I have seen you on my blog before. Or perhaps I have been on yours. Nonetheless, hope to see you keep up your promise :)