Monday, September 13, 2004

Dil-e-nadaan tujhe hua kya hai

dil-e-naadaaN tujhe huaa kya hai ?
aaKHir is dard kee dawa kya hai

ham haiN mushtaaq aur woh bezaar
ya ilaahee ! yeh maajra kya hai ?

jab ki tujh bin naheeN koee maujood **
fir ye hangaama, 'ei KHuda ! kya hai

hamko unse wafa ki hai ummeed **
jo naheeN jaante wafa kya hai

jaan tum par nisaar karta hooN
maiN naheeN jaanata duaa kya hai

maiNe maana ki kuchch naheeN 'GHalib'
muft haath aaye to bura kya hai ?

* This is a selectively edited ghazal. I have retained my favorite paragraphs.
** Extra star for my favorite shers in the ghazal

If anyone wants a translation, ping me. If you understand the words, bask in their brilliance.


Debashish said...

Good one! Looks like you desperately need a Hindi blog of your own :)

RTD2 said...

I understood most of it, and it is beautiful. I always think Urdu is the perfect language for poetry..especially sad poetry. Sadness is under-rated. A lot of beauty comes from sadness. Case in point, ghazals, music like the Blues, lots of amazing writing. AND...recent neuropsychological evidence shows that people are more detail-oriented and careful in negative moods (almost like an evolutionarily developed panic-mode). Even better is if you're bipolar (fluctuate between happy and sad moods abnormally) - but that's another day, another lecture!

kuriakonz said...

i have been searching on and on for the english translation... can i please have the translation... one day i wanna learn urdu... but even my hindi sucks big time... anyways... do give me the translation yeah?

Niranjan said...

A coincidence! I was looking for the translation of this ghazal after watching

and your post was listed second in the search results! Wonder if you still have the translation? Thanks!

The youtube link points to entire series of Mirza Ghalib. You may like it!

Parth said...

@Niranjan: Will give you the translation in due course of time. Really tied up right now. Interesting to see my blog show up in results for unexpected searches.

smszone said...

poetry by ghalib