Thursday, September 30, 2004

Morning Miscellany

Fifteen things that are exactly and approximately accurate today
1. I am creatively dead
2. I write a blog
3. Point 2 does not change point 1
4. Mount St. Helens is seeing a lot of siesmic activity. I am a 150 miles away from a possible volcanic eruption
5. Four people in the world read this blog
6. I am one out of those four
7. I occasionally watch pathetic serials on Zee TV since that is the only Indian serial I can get my hands on
8. I take a month to read a book that I would have read in 4 days, a few years back
9. I am a big fan of the White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks
10. I think I will struggle to stay up all night to watch the India-Australia matches
11. I bring too much bottom hand into my cricketing shots, especially when I hit on the leg side
12. I tried my hand at cereals once more, with all sincerity, but I still hate the taste
13. I am hooked onto the music of Veer-Zaara right now
14. I can't pronounce certain words as I used to. My pronounciations are Americanized
15. Spell check has doomed by spelling


phucker said...

Gosh, some more things in common.
1. Despite being half a world away from a Starbucks (but only 5 minutes away from a Barista), I still crave the White Chocolate Mocha - although it's quite heavy
2. Am I one of those 4 people who read your blog?
3. I stay up to watch all India matches too, however, I'm not very optimistic about this series.
4. As for cereal, try Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's very sweet, probably not healthy for you AT ALL, but it tastes great least I used to like it.

Parth said...

Yup, we seem to have a lot in common :-) I was reading somewhere the White Chocolate Mocha is the worst in terms of calories/fats etc. Hurray to that!!! In fact, every second Friday, my team offers Krispy Kreeme donuts. Guess what, today is that Friday. I am looking forward to my quota of sugar!!! Do keep visiting :-)

Los said...

I think you are one of the four that read my blog... hahaha

Of course I just started reading yours since I just figured out who is actually looking at mine. Notice I say looking not reading...

Nocturne said...

my husband eats cereal for breakfast. has done so without fail for the last 13 or so years! i'd rather eat sawdust in cardboad cartons and it'd still have to be better than cereals.