Friday, September 10, 2004

Who's next?

Taking a cue from someone else's blog, I committed myself to a session of random 'blog surfing'. There is a button on top which points to the "next blog". I decided to follow this for a few blogs to see what I hit on the road. The first five gave me a thorough insight into the wide variety of things that people write about, or simply occupy webspace for.
1. The first one was set in Canada by a girl who had pictures of her latest weekend excursion with the family where they collected live crabs, killed, battered and cooked them. She had pictures of the crabs in all stages of their, what I'd call 'reverse evolution'
2. The second one had free porn movies (no, I am not providing a link to that blog, do your dirty hard work yourself)
3. The third was about the oil crisis around the world and had tons of articles about it
4. The fourth one turned out to be a Bush supporter (she seemed more anti-Kerry than pro-Bush, looking at a few posts on her page)
5. The fifth was exactly opposite, it was by three guys (off which two were desis Srinivas Ayyagari and Shankar Duraiswamy) and their political views. They were frustrated and without a shade of doubt, pro-Kerry

Of course, this is but a tiny snapshot, but it does tell me that mine is an in-between blog. With no clear direction. Off no fixed address (if you tell me who is the author of a book by that title, I'll send you a free copy of the second movie he has made) Would also love to hear from people as and when they do crash-land on this site.


Angel De Fuego said...

Yes I too have done some blogsurfing.
I find all the blogs interesting.
The little button in the top right
seems to be the only way to find other
blogs, but just incase you can't find
my blog that way, here is the URL for it:

Just type in in the search box in the top left.
Do you know about audioblogger yet?
You can hear it on my page.

Sachin said...

interesting i did not know about it.. Reading your interesting exploration I did try clicking on the next blog wondering what i would get. As it turns out I was not so lucky. The first blog was
in spanish and only one posting, saying Hola.. The next one was well, japanese guy (guessing, coud have been chinese for all Iknow)..hoping to see some engilsh words, i continued on to next one, to find some dejected lady, cribbing about, whom shud she shave her legs for.. wondering whether her man still loves her..and that kinda crap...

That was it for now atleast.

RTD2 said...

Hey Parth..see..u got me into this! AND...brownie points to u for making me rack my brains. It's Kaizad Gustad, isn't it? My first thought was Upamanyu Chaterjee, but guess that's not it. Did u know I once corresponded with one of these and met the other?
I did cheat to find out that it wasn't Chatterjee, but do I still get the movie?!!

Stan said...

I crashed into your site after you crashed into mine. Saw you on my site meter. So far no explosions. Maybe a few broken limbs.

Geetanjali said...

hehe...i found some really a vague, porno sites when i'd tried that out a few mths back...decided to surf blogs my usual way - thru other's blogs...safer that way! ;-)