Sunday, November 07, 2004

Multifarious Movie Watching

I must have mentioned this in passing on this blog, but here comes the emphatic statement. I am a movie maniac. I watch tons and tons of movies, in different languages, from different countries, of different genres, and love most of them. However, this whole facet deserve a different post. It shall happen some day.

I was just wondering how in a snapshot of 2 days, I saw four movies, all so disparate. Here's how it went

1. The Incredibles (this is just to make a ton of people jealous)
My entire team was taken to a really good theatre in downtown Seattle in the middle of the day on a Friday to see this movie. This one cracked me up at times. Extremely well done animation (note: there is a different look than Shrek, and that is an achievement), witty at times, and an obvious homage to the typical 'American Family'. Though the script falters on several occasions, you'd surely enjoy it. This one is being dubbed in Hindi with SRK and his son Aryan doing the father-son duo.

2. Monster
Mind-blowing performance by Charlize Theron. She simply becomes Aileen Wuornos in a way that I would have thought impossible. The transformation, not just in appearance, but in body language, and her understanding of the character is just brilliant. She deserved the Oscar for this. Note: this movie isn't for the faint-hearted.

3. Thirteen
Written by a thirteen year old, this one too isn't a soapy love story. A scathing look at what peer pressure can do to kids in America, this is one wild ride of a girl who goes at great lengths to be with the most popular girl in school. The road to self-destruction is laced with drugs, sex, stealing, abusing, failure and the performances (especially by Holly Hunter of 'The Piano' fame) make it an interesting watch. There is an underbelly to America that is ugly and scary, and movies like Thirteen and Monster explore that.

4. Kal ho na ho
Candy floss time. Warning: Avinash, no SRK bashing on this blog please. I am a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, and unapologetic about it. Although I did not like this movie as much as DDLJ or KHNH, this one wasn't that bad either. I believe that there is a thin line between being excessively maudlin and getting it just right. Unfortunately, this movie went to the other side once too often. Yet, some of the jokes were really funny(not including the offensive Gujju jokes), the music was good and performance were ok. Enough to make me watch it again.

This has been an uninteresting, boring and dry post. I think I am suffering from 'Writer's Blog'. For those who wanted the translation of the ghazal from my previous post, please check the comments on that post.


phucker said...

Havne't seen any of the movies you mentioned except KHNH. Although I liked its 'slick', 'modern' style, it degenerated quite a bit at the end, when SRK dsicovers a new method of preventing heart attacks, i.e. clutching your chest and running down the centre of a wide boulevard....
And although SRK-bashing has been forbidden on this blog I'm sorry, but I just have to add a yech! I am indifferent to most of bollywood, I even respect Mallika Sherawat, but if there are two people I positively hate, they are Madhuri Dixit and SRK.... Anyway, we can argue about that some other time, thanks ofr the advance reviews. The Incredibles releases here in Delhi in another 2 weeks, and looks I'll go watch it now :-) Monster is a movie I'll save for when I am in a very good mood, I have a feeling it will leave in a gloomy mood - dunno if you have seen Memento - BRILLIANT movie, but may also leave u in a gloomy mood. Thirteen reminds of a movie I saw about 7 years ago called 'Kids' and it seems to be in a similar vein....I guess I'm not much of a seedy underbelly-watcher.

Parth said...

What can I say? We are Indians, we aren't that strong on logic, but very strong on emotions :-) After all, SRK didn't write the script.

Ya, I have seen Memento and can proudly say I figured it out on the first shot. Watch 'Snatch', it is confusing too (if not the plot, the accent will get you). But here is a gem of a confusing movie: 'Identity'.

While you mention gloomy moods, thankfully, I am able to snap out of the emotional effects of movies. Movies like 'Requiem for a dream' or 'Irreversible' (the infamous Italian movie) affect me while I watch them, but I snap out of them pretty quickly. Whether that is good or bad is debatable. Let me know if you like 'Incredibles'

phucker said...

I loved Snatch, but the accent didn't bug me too much, I'm pretty used to those varying Brit accents, I guess it may come from being raised in the last British Colony (Hong Kong - which was more British than Chinese in those days). I loved it, and own the DVD (which is another reason why the accents don't bother me - just turn on the subtitles, heh). I loved Identity too, that was another good one! I think John Cusack is an underrated actor. Since you're talking movies, just thought I'd mention a small review of 'Morning Raga', which I just saw at the cinema. It's meant to be based on a play by Mahesh Dattani, and that was its biggest flaw. It just felt very much like a play...the content was all there, but the execution was flawed. Shabana Azmi sleepwalks thru her role, and she's not supported by the younger cast members. All-in-all it was an amateurish effort..but you got to seem some nice Andhra village, and there was a little humour to go along with it.

Manjusha said...

Mememto is a brilliant movie! The director and the editor would've needed such a LOT of clarity to piece that one together.

Anonymous said...

I realised I am faint hearted only after watching Monster. :))
On a different note, someone mentioned abt hating Madhuri n SRK. It would be interesting to know why. I loved SRK in my teens, thankfully, I am out of that phase now.

Avinash said...

Since Parth has forbidden any SRK bashing, I shall only describe a real-life incident. I saw KHNH in a Houston theater on thanksgiving 2003. The first half with the Preity-Saif duo was good but I slept thru most of the second half. A welcome relief came when about 1/2 hr bfore the end of the movie, a chap in the theater shouted "Abe jaldi mar!" (no kidding. no exaggeration.) BTW I agree abt Memento. Brilliant Movie.

RTD2 said...

u guys are all such snobs..come on, now..did u really understand memento? YOU DID??? Ok, then *tail between her legs* maybe I'm just dumb :)
That apart, I think Parth is one of two people who can give me a complex when it comes to watching movies. Congratulations on earning that distinguished post, jijjajjeeeeeeee :)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly on KHNH, the emotional parts sucked and I didnt shed a single tear. :) But that doesnt mean I dont like SRK!