Monday, November 15, 2004

Sonnet Lumiere

After a long time, I put on my Shakespeare jersey, which prompted some memories, which prompted this entry. Texas A&M University has an annual Shakespeare festival. A bunch of people get together, have workshops on the bard's work, stage some of his plays etc. A couple of years back, they had a sonnet writing competition as part of the festival. I had not written a sonnet in my life, and having read some of Shakespeare's work, was aware that it isn't the easy thing to do. There are several strict rules about the structure, the rhyming (iambic pentameter et al). At the end of the day, a good sonnet is one that doesn't look contrived (Mine does). Nonetheless, I wrote up something and entered the competition and won it (of course, I did, mine was the only entry .... seriously). I remember reading it out to a small audience of 30 odd people at Barnes and Noble to a good reception. I have reproduced it below. I didn't like it then, I don't like it now, but it did win be 'Quotable Quotes from Shakespeare'.

My opinion on my sonnet is reflective on my opinion about my writing for the past few years. I did write well once, and actually liked what I wrote. I wrote in both English and Hindi. This blog has been an attempt to get some form back, and I'd say the experiment has been partially successful thus far. I hope I can produce some good work over the next few years, since I used to find writing a very satisying activity at a point in time.

As far as the T-shirt is concerned, I won it on a raffle that day. The first and the last time something like that has ever happened to me. I never win in lucky draws.


How true is your love, my soul mate, my dearest!
You have come to see this traitor once again.
The flowers you have brought me, smile at your behest;
As false as my love, as true as your pain.

Years have passed since I left you alone;
Laying to rest a union so divine.
Sins are those, which one can atone;
Wonder what I can call that treachery of mine.

Desertion and deception are not too apart;
Broken vows of love are a lover's shame.
Heed my call and let go of your heart;
Tear asunder each trace of my name.

Erase me forever from your memory's way;
With these tears you shed on my grave today


Sukanya M said...

Wow!! Encore Encore.

phucker said...

I've been left speechless... wowsers!

Akruti said...

beautiful wordings,great way parth,keep posting

RTD2 said...

Dear Bard-er in law (!!),
I remember reading this at the time you entered the contest and going "wow" then as I did now! Brilliant sonnet, brilliant fishing for compliments, but more importantly, BRILLIANT title for the post!! I know u will agree with my priorities :)

Parth said...

I am glad you all liked it :-) Ya, RT, I agree with your priorities and I do 'get' what you are trying to say. I think I enjoy coming up with blog titles as much as I enjoy writing the entries themselves :-)

Reshma Sanyal said...

Hey, any luck with the deal apart from unwarranted spam flooding your mailbox?

Parth said...

Nope Reshma. All the 'gujjugrl' type profiles that I got managed to scare me. Other mails were off people who had blocked his profile from appearing in their matches :-( No wonder I have to write mournful poetry.

Avinash said...

Parth, Depressing news for u. Haven't heard a lot about the Shakespeare festival for the past couple of years. I suppose it takes a character of Naik's energy to pull something like that off.