Wednesday, March 30, 2005


End of a tiring day capped off with a meeting that lasted an hour and a half!!! By the time the meeting ends, you are wondering what you met to discuss :-)

I find writing for the blog a nice release, except that most occassions there is hardly anything substantial to pour out. Meditative, vegetative, same difference! So, here are some brain dead reflections

1. Yesterday, I saw a hailstorm for the first time in my life. Big pellets of snow racing each other in a hurry to reach the ground and perish. Beautiful beautiful sight. Amidst this splendor was a singular thought: I am so glad my car is parked underground. This, from a guy who thought that sitting on a beach and watching the waves is a thing that can be done till the end of time! The world forces you to grow up, doesn't it? :-)

2. Two contrasting music releases. Taj Mahal and Kaal. Taj Mahal marks the return of the grand-daddy of Indian music composers. Naushad. In the 50s-70s, there was no other who could match his exploration of Indian classical music when composing film music. Mughal-E-Azam, Baiju Bawra, Dil Diya Dard Liya, Mere Mehboob, the list is endless. Easily one of my favorite composers off all time. I was super-keenly awaiting the release of Taj Mahal's music for this sole reason. What't my take on it? Naushad has not sold his soul (like he did in Guddu) for this movie. He has tried to keep the essence of his music alive (with modern day orchestrations). The songs are really good and grow on you. I would say that the music will be enjoyed by lovers of Naushad's music, but can't guarantee the same for everyone. The songs are great by today's standard, but I don't find them matching up to Naushad's earlier work. Hariharan is good while seeing Preeti Uttam as a lead female singer made me pull my hair out in frustration. Please try to enjoy the songs despite her. Kaal on the other hand is a smart producer at work. Karan Johar is going with the times and coming up with a movie that is different from his usual work and the music is going with it (SRK is the co-producer). The songs are composed by Salim-Suleiman, the whizkids who are the current kings of giving background music(Bhoot etc) The songs are fast paced and at go with the mood of the movie. You will enjoy Nassa Nassa and Tauba Tauba (what's with repeating the same word twice? :-))

3. My cricket team has reached the semi-finals of the B league this time. One win and we will be onto the A league. Terrific performance this time, winning 5 out of the 7 matches. In fact, I got to captain the team on one occassion. The match is on Sunday. Let's hope it works out for us.

4. I went to this shopping complex called Globus in Bandra last year in Bombay. This is a multi storey shop with some theatres at the top. I saw 'Ek Hasina Thi'. That movie has a scene filmed, guess where, in Globus. I was watching 'Socha Na Tha' last night (light hearted comedy, watchable) and was surprised to see another scene shot in Globus

5. I seem to blog every 4 days on an average. If my blogs are shorter, the frequency of my posts increases.


RTD2 said...

Tauba tauba..misceloony is right :) The world does force you to start worrying about things like car and money and house-hunting, but I think you really "grow up" when you can realize the beauty in "Big pellets of snow racing each other in a hurry to reach the ground and perish"

Meenal Mehta said...

four random trains of thought but nice ..gave me an insight ...into u (iam being presumptious here )

1) that u are an avid lover of nature and beauty ...u seem practical ..who wont be rains here all the darn time ..are u from bomday ..

2) that u love music and know about it ...have quite a bit of music trivia there ...preeti uttma ..isnt she the daughter of that guy who gave music for "dil to paagal hai" i ddnt know she was so bad about ..i dont know whats so wizz-kiddish about salim-sulaiman

3) lastly cricket and bombay ..i comprehend the game and I know its blasphemy not to like a game ,especailly being an indian and all but ..what can i say..iam not a fan :)..would have been nice if India won though

4)Globus seems to be an "it" place ..


Meenal Mehta said...

dude ..

ignore the typos ..too many of them ..i will stop right here before i make more brain must be fried ..

have a good one

phucker said...

Congrats on your Cricket team's success. Kickass and win the final. First hailstorm eh? Interesting. Delhi usually gets one around March. It's interesting (but painful, if you get caught in it - some poor Maruti 800s lose their windshields every year, heh...)

Geetanjali said...

I remember the first (and only)time I saw a hailstorm - we were in Chail walking ard the countryside when it started pouring (or rather beating down on us) - luckily we were close to our cottage and ran in before the intensite increased. We were fine, but another tourist got hit by a huge rock on her head and fainted...had to drag her into out cottage and revive her...I was just 7 or 8 at that time, so all this was really exciting and adventurous for me! :-)

Ragini said...

Kaal is great. You are right karan Johar is a real smart chap. Notice the Dharma remix ? :) REal nice medley of hits of his productions.

But the title song does sound suspiciously like Dhoom. It has the same rhythm and beat. I love it all the same. Cant wait to see malaika grrove to it. She looks amazing in the posters.