Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Rescue

Words drift closer
as worlds drift away
stringing phrases together
as relationships untwine

I construct a poem
as feelings deconstruct
I scramble my memories
as the images disperse

I salvage the past
from its present imperfection


Seema said...

wow. Did u write that? amazing poem.

Parth said...

Ya, I did. I thought I had quoted other people enough on my blog by now :-)

Akruti said...

"I salvage the past ,from its present imperfection"
Beautyfully expressed.i always wonder how in a few words u can touch the right chord with feelings,its a god gift i guess:)) i can never do it.Keep posting

Anonymous said...

Where did that come from, Parth? It is very deep. And very good.And very thought-provoking.

Parth said...

My trip to College Station provided the stimulus. What happens when one place exists in parallel universes seperated by time? How you wish that both universes converge, or that they never diverge in the first place? I guess I am not making much sense. I should write about this sometime again in the future.

phucker said...

Please do write about it sometime. Been missing your posts!