Monday, April 18, 2005

Byline - The Post!

Back to Bollywood, and a comment on the 'Byline' craze that has hit Hindi film-makers for quite sometime. As if we would not understand the meaning of the film's title if it is in Hindi, they attach a byline: the English translation of the title. Hold your guns though, it may not even be an exact translation, just a phrase that might mean something similar but gives a 'so-called' punch to the title. If any of you can add to the list, I'd love to hear it.

Literal Translations
Kagaar - The Edge
Hatya - The Murder
Mudda - The Issue
Jaal - The Trap
Aaghaaz - The Beginning
Bawandar - The storm
Shart - The challenge
Tezaab - The acid of love
Lakeer - Forbidden lines
Talaash - The hunt begins
Daag - The Fire (this one intrigued me the most, but Raj Kanwar's interview saved it for me. This was supposed to be Daagan the Punjabi word for fire but got reduced to Daag)

Baaz - A Bird in Danger
Shikaar - The musical thriller
Chupa Rustam - A musical thriller
Hatyaar - Face to face with reality
Dhaal - The battle of love against law
Taarzan - The wonder car
Jumbish - A movement - the movie
Fun - Can be dangerous sometimes
Rakht - What If You Can See the Future
Lucky - No time for love
Classic - Dance of love
Ek Rishta - The bond of love
Tezaab - A violent love story
Parinda - A violent love story
Darr - A violent love story


Geetanjali said...

LOL - this was fun to read. Have been noticing these by-linea dn punch-lines myself and wondering at the producers need to explain the title...great compilation!

Ragini said...

Hahaha... My fav one is your title dude.. !!! Very Clever. U could add some bollywood masala to it by making it Byline- The deadly post !

ragini said...

There is also Karz- The burden of truth
and how can you forget

DDLJ - Come fall in love !

K3G - Its all about loving your parents

eeesh! said...

great list!

here are some more:
waqt: the race against time
daag: the shades of love
deewar: lets bring our heroes home
jurm: once upon a crime
tezaab: the acid of love
garv: pride and homour
dhund: the fog
hero: the love story of a spy

eeesh! said...

and main aisa hi hoon: a normal man in an abnormal world
swadesh: we. the people
I : proud to be Indian

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... You know, I just randomly found out that I actually know you for various reasons:
a. you know a certain santanu dey
b. we actually play cricket together on Thursdays...

To be clear,
Bong from Ahmedabad :D

Parth said...

Thanks Ragini and Eeesh for the additions. As expected, I had missed quite a few :-)

Its a small world Sudip :-) See you at practice next week